Bardic Tales and Sage Advice, vol. II
Speculative Fiction Anthology

Bardic Tales and Sage Advice, vol. II
brings speculative fiction fans a new collection of fresh new voices in the genre.

Award-winning poet, playwright, and author Lynn Veach Sadler offers an intriguing poem regarding the true inspiration for Darwin's
On the Origin of Species with Evolution of the Beagle/Beagle

2009 Bards and Sages Charity Contest winner Anna Cates presents a fantasy tale of revenge, betrayal, and love found in unexpected places with The Frog King

Meghann McVey invites us to follow two young adventurers on a quest for glory...and as much treasure as
Reward Beyond Measure

Dawn Corrigan unleashes her inner bard with
The Ballad of Johnny Lover

2009 Bards and Sages Quarterly Author of the Year Eugie Foster follows two step-sisters on a journey to discover a powerful truth regardless of the cost in
Gifts Not Asked For

John Jasper Owens shares a tale of a playwright's widow who gives an evil noble a taste of his own medicine in
Lord Braugh's Dessert

Krista Ball offers up a futuristic yarn about an author who discovers all the secrets of the universe, and comes to a disheartening conclusion in
Space Sucks

Aaron Polson shares a story about a couple drifting that discover a renewed love of life while visiting a roadside stand in
Fresh Produce

Rebecca Nazar presents a witch's apprentice whose dedication to his mistress unleashes an unexpected result in
Witch Kindling

Peter Balaskas bends the framework of reality with a twisted and complex tale of a man trying to escape his demons and finding himself trapped with someone else's in
The Chameleon's Addiction
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