Mark Gardner

eFestival of Words special guest Mark Gardner lives in northern Arizona with his wife, three children and a pair of spoiled dogs. Mark holds a degree in Computer Systems and Applications and is currently attending Northern Arizona University, enrolled in the undergraduate Applied Human Behavior program.Author Mark Gardner

After discovering that he is the reincarnation of a fallen ancient king, Abraham must travel aboard the fishing boat Zeebedee to confront an ancient evil that has plans to enslave humanity, and remake the planet to its whims. Abraham won’t be alone on his journey, as people, places, and things are not as they appear to be.
On a routine mining mission in the asteroid belt, the crew of the Kerwood is mired in their personal concerns: finishing quickly, getting home, and earning a fair share of the profits. That is, until the ship experiences catastrophic failure on the return journey. Now they must put aside their petty worries if they’re to have any hope of getting home alive. Will the crew find a way to set a course for Earth with their payload, or will they discover the disaster was orchestrated by someone who doesn’t want them to return home at all?
1898: Martian tripods lay waste to Earth’s cities. The world’s armies are unable to stem the tide of destruction. When all hope appears lost, common bacteria kills the alien invaders. From the ashes, the human race uses the technology left behind by the Martians to build new, advanced weapons. 1924: Armed with their own spaceships, tripods, and jet fighters, the nations of the world are ready to take the fight to Mars. George Patton, Erwin Rommel, Charles de Gaulle, and Georgy Zhukov lead their troops in battle across the red planet to end the alien menace once and for all. But the Martians have one last, desperate plan to try, and if successful, it could mean the end for all humanity.
Kristoff Boyadzhiev and his wife led a simple life, until he was suddenly diagnosed with end-stage terminal cancer and given two weeks to live. Struggling with the news and long-buried resentment against most of humanity, he runs afoul of a street thug with super powers and is killed–only to discover that he has a power of his own. Revived again and again by inadvertently taking the life and power of others around him when he dies, Kristoff is torn between the hope of dying a better man or using his new ability to disturb dark family secrets before the cancer kills him for the last time. His power, and the trail of bodies left behind by his descent, draws the attention of a Seattle police detective investigating strange happenings all over the city. A covert government agency also seeks to round up Kristoff and others like him, with the hope of either harnessing or curing their powers. Kristoff wants to be the hero he promised his wife at the end, but before that he needs to know the whole truth about his past, no matter the cost. With so many others in his way, that cost could be too high to die with any honor; and with two weeks left he has no time to choose.
Zachary sits across a table from a reporter on the eve of his execution. The reporter has a simple question: “Tell me your story.” The question resonates. How did he get here? Religious persecution is what he told himself, but how does he explain his actions? Actions that still haunt him years later…
Disgraced Chinese warrior, Liao, is a mercenary for the Kingdom of Kush. In an unprecedented decision, the Chancellor of the Han Dynasty has permitted Liao to fight in a tournament against the best warriors the empire has to offer. His presence in the epic event could restore Liao’s honor. Liao’s foes claim he has no place in the prestigious tournament. Some want his defeat in the arena, while others wish him dead by any means necessary. If Liao hopes to triumph, he must evade assassination attempts, best other competitors, and expose the plots of a Roman general bent on disrupting the tournament and plunging the Han Dynasty into a civil war.

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