N. R. Hairston

N.R. Hairston resides in Southern Virginia with her family. She enjoys writing, reading, cooking, and spending time with her loved ones.
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By Any Other Name
Rye must risk her life to save her best friend and fellow Scope agent from the drug runner bent on draining him of valuable skunk oil. Having skunk DNA herself, she’ll do anything to shut down the illegal operation and get her friend back, but putting her trust in a stranger may lead to an unexpected tryst, as well as the ultimate betrayal.

I Was Asked to Kill Him
Delia is a pacifist who never wanted to kill her boyfriend, Greg. In a world full of powerful beings, she only wants to stay under the radar. She paid her debt to society and only wants to get back to a quiet life – but Greg isn’t finished with her yet.

Pear Town Ruckus 
A game of Spades is all that stand between telekinetic Leah and paying her rent this month. When fellow card player, Xavier offers to be her partner, she’s delighted, that is until she finds herself fighting for her life in Pear Town, a place even cops dare not enter.

Belle of the Ball
All Kerry wants is to go home. Swept away from her hopeless existence into a life of strange luxury in an alternate universe, Kerry isn’t convinced her luck has changed. As she discovers the ugly truth buried under the world of opulence and indulgence, she also discovers that she may not be as helpless as she thought, which is good, because what they have planned for her is a fate worse than death.

A Gathering of Succubi 
In a race against the clock, Kia only has twenty-four hours to discover which of her fellow Succubi is killing humans. All supernatural beings are under the rule of the powerful First Families, who have laid down their mandate – find the killer, or all Succubi will suffer the consequences.

Skin Cursed 

Eight hours after being infected, they can control your mind. After eighteen, your life is over… Scope Agent Rye is in the fight of her life. Infected with the deadly Morillo virus, she has eight hours to get it out of her system or she’ll become submissive to another forever—and the only person she can turn to has already betrayed her once.

Blood Cursed

Pacifist Delia owes much to her friends in the alternate world of Kelm. When someone poisons the Tacium that keeps them alive, she must find the culprit and stop the vicious disease in three days…or it will wipe out the entire population. With millions of lives on the line, and the disease spreading like a rising tide, can she get her pacifist family to help save her immortal friends?

Cursed in Sunlight

Leah and her partner Xavier have won big at cards, but their chance for an even bigger prize goes down the drain when their winnings are stolen. To retrieve the cash, they must embark on a dangerous journey to Cave Town where they risk being cursed forever if they’re not out in 24 hours.

Cursed Breath

Every year thousands of people go missing. Coalition Agent Kerry and her team have tracked them to an alternate universe but an unexplainable sickness attacks them, draining everyone’s energy. To save her team, as well as the captives, and to prevent future abductions, Kerry must face an enemy she thought long dead.

Cursed Succubus

Kia’s life depends on her finding the fifth soulbar, a powerful object coveted by the First Families. They must never know she touched it, draining some of its immense power before losing it or the punishment will be extreme. But the First Families aren’t the only ones desperate for the soulbar’s power…an old enemy of Kia’s wants it for himself and she’s the only thing standing in his way.