A Note to the 2017 Nominees

Congratulations to all of the nominees in this year’s awards program. The full list of nominees can be found at: http://bardsandsages.com/efestivalofwords/2017-nominees

I would like to take a moment to explain the awards program for those nominees who may be wondering what this is all about. You may have come across this site because a Google Alert informed you that your name or book appeared here. You may have been alerted by a reader or fellow writer. Or maybe you ended up here through a series of clicks and now have no idea why your book is being mentioned! Whatever the case, you can be proud of your accomplishment.

The eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards is a peer-nomination program. Ballots are completed by authors, editors, publishers, cover artists, librarians, book critics, and others in the industry. If your book appears on this list, that means a peer in the publishing community felt your work deserved recognition.

The 2017 Nominee Graphic License

There is no fee associated with using the 2017 Nominee graphic. You can use the graphic on your own website, in promotional material, or even on your book cover. There are, however, a few restrictions:

1. While you may reproduce the image in grayscale for black-and-white media, do not otherwise recolor the graphic.

2. You can resize the image as needed for your promotional material, but do not edit the text or add elements to the graphic.

3. When feasible, please include a link back to this site (www.bardsandsages.com/efestivalofwords).

4. Please do not use the graphic in any way that implies endorsement from Bards and Sages Publishing or the eFestival of Words.

5. The graphic should only be used in direct association with the book the nomination was earned for. Do not include the graphic on sequels, for example, or a completely unrelated title.

If you need a high-resolution copy of the graphic, we can provide you with one in either jpg or png format (png is transparent background). Just send an email to us at efestivalofwords@bardsandsages.com with the subject line 2017 NOMINEE GRAPHIC REQUEST and we will send you the files.

Finalist Selection Process

Finalists for the awards will be announced on July 15th. We will narrow each category down to five to seven finalists. Categories with seven or fewer nominations will remain unchanged (unless we later have to disqualify a title or if an author requests that a title be removed from consideration.)

Our volunteers will use the following criteria to determine which titles become finalists:

1. They will look at the book’s listing on retail sites. Is the book professionally presented? Is the blurb clear and concise? Does the cover properly convey the genre and theme? Is the metadata (title, author,etc) accurate and match the actual book?

2. They will download samples where available. Is the book properly formatted? Is the book well-edited?

3. They will visit author websites and social media where available. Is the author’s website professional? How does the author interact with readers?

Volunteers will use this information to narrow the field down to five to seven finalists. Once the finalists are announced, open voting will start to select the winners.

How Open Voting Works

Polls will be posted on this site and are open to the general public. We encourage you to spread the word if you are a finalist. You are free to encourage your fans to vote. However, there are some restrictions:

1. You may not offer any prize in exchange for voting. This includes, but is not limited to, free books, discounts on books, entry in drawings, promises to release exclusive content if you win a category, or any other prize whether or not it has a cash value.

2. Don’t spam. While we encourage you to share the news with your readers, please don’t spam the poll links to every single Facebook group you belong to or start spamming people on Goodreads to vote for you.

3. Do not encourage circumvention of the voting rules. The polls are generally designed for one vote per person, but we depend on the honor system for people to not try to break the polls. Encouraging people to engage in actions that would allow them to vote multiple times is not allowed.

Violating any of the above restrictions is grounds for the book to be disqualified.

Participating in the Festival

If you are interested in joining us as a participant in this year’s festival, simply complete the sign-up form found at http://bardsandsages.com/efestivalofwords/2016/08/14/2017-efestival-of-words-important-dates/

All events are hosted here on the site. Times are Eastern Daylight Time. Use the site clock on the main page to track the schedule.

Panels last for approximately one hour. Author Q & As last for 30 minutes.

You can also participate by donating prizes or books for our virtual swag bag. If interested, please email be at efestivalofwords@bardsandsages.com with the subject line 2017 Festival Swag.

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