Testing, testing, 1…2…3…

This is a test of the emergency posting system. While you will not hear any loud, obnoxious noises during this test (at least, no noises originating on OUR end), you will be asked to post a comment below to make sure that your permissions are working and you can access the site.

All guests/staff should perform the following tests:

Post a comment to this thread to make sure you can post.
Post a message in the Digital Ballroom, the chatroom opened at the bottom of the page.
Post a message in the Digital Inn, the chatroom in the sidebar.

If you are unable to post or get any errors, email me immediately at efestivalofwords@bardsandsages.com with your username, any error codes you are getting, whether you were posting from a computer, tablet, or phone. Include relevant information such as browser type.

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14 Replies to “Testing, testing, 1…2…3…”

  1. YAY I was able to get in! Can’t wait. And my in-laws will be in town and I told them I will have to some online things etc. apologizing and instead they are like “Oh no, we think it’s amazing all that you do!” For that, I won’t spit in their food! 🙂 j/k I have a good relationship with them now. Congrats Julie on your own recent wedding!

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