Attendance For Friday and Saturday

Because I like stats even if I don’t really know what they mean…

Total number unique visitors for Friday: 425

Total number of unique visitors for Saturday: 615

Combined Traffic by Geography:

53.5% visitors from the United States

9.3% visitors from the U.K.

6.5% visitors from Canada–fun fact, for some reason, the demographics broke Ontario (2.5%) out separately from the rest of Canada. Is there something going on up there we don’t know about?

2.8% visitors from Australia

Unfortunately, the demographics don’t break down anything below 2%, so the balance is just shown as “Other Countries.” So I am left to wonder who else visited Friday and today.

Traffic By Device:

36% visitors from desktop/laptop

32% visitors from tablet device

29% visitors from mobile device

3% visitors from “Other”—Anyone have any idea what “other” might be?” Holocommunicators, maybe?

Traffic by Browser:

47.3% visitors used Chrome

35.2% visitors used “Other”

8.5% visitors used Firefox

4.8% visitors used Edge

4.2% visitors used Internet Explorer

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