The Festival’s Future

It is with great regret that I must cancel this year’s eFestival of Words Virtual Book Fair.

I have a significant personal family issue going on that will be the primary focus of my time this summer. Because of this, I need to reduce my workload in a way that will not negatively impact my personal life or my core business. As much as I love the festival, it is, unfortunately, the obvious choice due to the amount of time required to organize and run it during the summer.

In addition, the festival this year has been a point of significant stress. As those of you that follow my personal blog already know, I had previously ended the annual ebook awards due to the horrible behavior of a subset of authors. While over the years the majority of authors have been absolutely wonderful to work with, there has always been a handful that could not play well with others. Until this year, their numbers have been small and therefore manageable. This year, it really got out of control with the bad behavior, and it simply takes too much time and effort to deal with the constant barrage of stupidity and vindictiveness that comes along with not allowing the bad apples to have their way.

I still hope that, until such time that I can determine a new course of action moving forward, authors and readers will continue to see the efestival as a place to connect. To that end, I have opened up our Facebook Page to allow members to post to it. The posting guidelines are pinned to the top of the page.

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