What is the eFestival of Words?

The eFestival of Words is a free, virtual book fair designed to connect readers with authors and publishers of digital books. For fans of ebooks, this is an opportunity to scout out hidden treasures and interact with authors. For those readers new to digital books, this is a chance to learn more about the format and what it can offer.


The festival features all of the things you would expect from a book fair: lively panel discussions, informative workshops, exciting guest speakers, prizes, games, and more. The only difference is that you can experience everything from the comfort of your own computer! No traveling to obscure locations or overcrowded convention centers. No high tolls and parking fees. No overpriced meals at the hotel because there are no affordable restaurants nearby. Just log in from your computer!


The festival specifically focuses on digital content produced by independent authors and small presses. While the big publishers have worked to restrict digital content or limit its functionality to readers through excessive digital rights management, delayed digital releases, and byzantine licensing requirements, the independent publishing community has expanded in innovative and exciting new directions that provide readers with more reading choices and more flexibility than ever before.


As part of the fair’s festivities, we sponsor the eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards. The awards are a peer-nomination only program designed to highlight the best of the small press/independent author community.


Whether your interest in ebooks is that of an avid reader hoping to discover hidden gems or an aspiring writer interested in joining the independent publishing movement, the eFestival of Words will entertain and enlighten you.


Important Dates for 2018

February 1st: Nomination period for the Best of the Independent eBook Awards Opens
March 31st: Nomination period closes.
May 15th: Nominees for the Best of the Independent eBook Awards Announced
July 15th: Finalists for the Awards Announced! Open Voting Begins!
August 17th: Festival Begins
August 19th: Festival Ends. Winners Announced.