2015 Finalists

Best Anthology
Demonic Visions 50 Horror Tales (Book Five) edited by Rob Smales
Wicked Seasons: The Journal of New England Horror Writers, Volume II edited by Stacey Longo (NEHW Press)
War Stories edited by Jaym Gates & Andrew Liptak (Apex Book Company)
The Robot Chronicles (The Future Chronicles) edited by David Gatewood
Steampunk Cthulhu: Mythos Terror in the Age of Steam edited by Brian M. Sammons and Glynn Own Barrass (Chaosium)
Stories on the Go: 101 Very Short Stories by 101 Authors edited by Andrew Ashling (Indanth)
Heartbeats: Voices Against Oppression Edited by Jax Goss (Fey Publishing)

Best Audiobook
Say When (Something More Book 1) by Tara West, Kaylan McKinney-Vialpando (Narrator), Shifting Sands Publishing
Shadow of the Wendigo by Dale T. Phillips, Phillip Hoffman (Narrator)
The Handfasted Wife: Daughters of Hastings, Book 1 by Carol McGrath, Heather Wilds (Narrator)
Death of a Spy: Mark Sava, Book 4 by Dan Mayland, Mark Boyett (Narrator)
Just to Be with You: The Sullivans, Book 12 by Bella Andre, Eva Kaminsky (Narrator) (Oak Press LLC)
Lay Death at Her Door by Elizabeth Buhmann, Hannah Seusy (Narrator) Red Adept Publishing
Meritropolis by Joel Ohman, Mikael Naramore (Narrator)
Sand: Omnibus Edition by Hugh Howey, Karen Chilton (Narrator) (Broad Reach Publishing)

Best Novel
City of Whores by Mark B. Perry (Starboard Home Press)
Stone and Silt by Harvey Chute (Red Adept Publishing)
The Devil’s Horizon (Devil’s Fire Book 3) by Matt Tomerlin
Stardust Summer by Lauren Clark (Monterey Press)
Gastien: From Dream to Destiny by Caddy Rowland
Halfway Home by Hugh Howey (Broad Reach Publishing)
What it Takes by Terry Tyler

Best Novella
Movers by Evan Clark (Lantern Tree Book)
Rat’s Tale by DJ Bennett
The Day of the Nuptial Flight by Sarina Dorie. From The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction July/August 2014
A Winter Wrong: A Pride and Prejudice Novella Variation (Seasons of Serendipity Book 1) by Elizabeth Ann West (Pemberley Possibilities)
Fade to Grey by Edward M. Grant (Banchixi Media)
Hard-Boiled Immortal (The Immortal Chronicles Book Two) by Gene Doucette
Taxi – Talk (Book Five) by Sophia DeLuna

Best Short Story
“Carnacki – The Island of Doctor Munroe.” by William Meikle From Steampunk Cthulhu: Mythos Terror in the Age of Steam (Chaosium)
“Light and Shadow.” By Linda Nagata. From War Stories. (Apex Book Company)
“Saying Goodbye.” by Rob Smales. From Demonic Visions 50 Horror Tales (Book Five)
“Just One More Sin” by Alexis A. Hunter. From Spark: A Creative Anthology, Volume IV
“The Longest Night.” by Mercedes Lackey. From A Fantastic Holiday Season: The Gift of Stories (Volume 2) (WordFire Press)
Romeo Down: A Short Story by Dale Amidei
“Effigy Nights.” by Yoon Ha Lee. From The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year, Volume Eight. (Solaris).

Best Short Story Collection
The Law & the Heart: Speculative Stories to Bend the Mind and Soul by Kenneth Schneyer (Stillpoint Digital Press)
Wrapped Around Her Little Finger by Carol Davis
Plow the Bones by Douglas F. Warrick (Apex Book Company)
Nine ‘Til 9 by Mat Clark (Last Page Pty Ltd)
Soft Apocalypses by Lucy A. Snyder (Raw Dog Screaming Press)
Nothing’s Fine by Aurelio Rico Lopez III (James Ward Kirk Publishing)
Samurai and Other Stories by William Meikle (Crystal Lake Publishing)

Best Poetry Collection
Light Spectrums: A Collection of Poetry by Jessica Fuqua
Can You Catch My Flow? by Lidy Wilks
The Poems Choose Me by Kristy Rulebreaker
The Pre-Raphaelite Girl and Other Poems by Paul Chapman
Winter’s Homecoming and Other Poems by Robert Zimmermann
Holes in Space: A Poetry Collection by Andrea Barbosa (The Lonely Poet Publishing House)

Best Non-Fiction
How I Got Him To Marry Me: 50 True Stories by Cherise Kelley (Size 12 By St Patrick’s Day)
The Horror… The Horror: An Autobiography by Rick Hautala (Crossroads Press)
Old Souls: The Sages and Mystics of Our World by Aletheia Luna
Hustlers, Harlots, and Heroes: A Regency and Steampunk Field Guide by Krista Ball (Tyche Books Ltd)
Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook: The Step-by-Step Guide to the Legal Issues of Self-Publishing by Helen Sedwick (Ten Gallon Press)
Writer’s Guide to Character Emotion: Best Method to Craft Realistic Character Expression and Emotion by Sherry Soule
The Ultimate Beauty Guide: Head to Toe Homemade Beauty Tips and Treatments For Your Body, Mind and Spirit by Adi Atar

Best Roleplaying Game Product
2300AD: Ships of the French Arm by Mongoose Publishing
2300AD: Libreville – Corruption in the Core Worlds by Mongoose Publishing
Advanced Bestiary for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game by Green Ronin Publishing
Hell on Earth Reloaded: Companion by Pinnacle Entertainment
Romance in the Air • A World of Adventure for Fate Core by Evil Hat Productions
Book of the Deceived by Onyx Path Publishing
Doctor Who – The Sixth Doctor Sourcebook by Cubicle 7 Entertainment

Best Fiction (General Fiction)
Soul of the Desert by Maria Schneider (Bear Mountain Books)
Stone and Silt by Harvey Chute (Red Adept Publishing)
No Perfect Secret by Jackie Weger
What it Takes by Terry Tyler
Life’s What Happens by Kathy Clark (Nightwriter93)
But Can You Drink the Water? By Jan Hurst-Nicholson
Troubled Waters (The Lake Trilogy, Book 2) by AnnaLisa Grant

Best Children’s Book
Enjella Uprooted: A Tooth Fairy Gets A New Job by Jane Collen (Streamline)
A Secret In Time (Big Honey Dog Mysteries) by H.Y. Hannah (Wisheart Press)
Oliphant Island: A Tale of Three Sisters by Mary Davis
Impact (The Dean Curse Chronicles Book 3) by Steven Whibley
Super Zombie Juice Mega Bomb (A Zombie Apocalypse Novel Book 1) by M.J. Ware (CG Press LTD.)
Misty: The Proud Cloud by Hugh Howey (Broad Reach Publishing)
I Think My Mom’s a Superhero: Early Reader Superhero Fiction – Kids Read Along Books (Moms Are Superheroes Series Book 1) by Bolaji Oye (Brave Little Heroes)

Best Chick Lit/Women’s Lit
Purple Trees by Ursula Wong (Genretarium Publishing)
With the Headmaster’s Approval by Jan Hurst-Nicholson (Just4kix Books)
Not Quite Perfect (Oakland Hills Book 3) by Gretchen Galway (Eton Field)
If Wishes Were Husbands by Jane Killick and Elizabeth Kyne (Windtree Press)
Sorry’s Not Enough by J. Lea López
Du Rose Legacy (The Hana Du Rose Mysteries Book 3) by K T Bowes
The Matchbaker by Jerrica Knight-Catania (Romancing the Book, Inc.)

Best Contemporary Fantasy/Urban Fantasy
Demon Down: Book Four of the Xoe Meyers Fantasy/Horror Series by Sara C. Roethle (Vulture’s Eye Publications)
Solatium (Emanations, an urban fantasy series Book 2) by Becca Mills
Silent Moon by Sarina Dorie (Soul Mate Publishing)
Goddamned Freaky Monsters (The Tome of Bill Book 5) by Rick Gualtieri (Westmarch Publishing)
The Devil and Preston Black (Murder Ballads and Whiskey Book 1) by Jason Jack Miller (Raw Dog Screaming Press)
Hedge Witch (The Cloven Land Trilogy Book 1) by Simon Kewin (Stormcrow Books)
Infernal Games: Templar Chronicles Book 4 by Joseph Nassise (Harbinger Books)

Best Fantasy (High Fantasy/Sword and Sorcery)
Monsters of Elsewhere by Matthew Waldram
The Invisible Hands – Part 4: Mate (Dark Tales of Randamor the Recluse Book 7) by Andrew Ashling (Ormidon Publishing)
Balanced on the Blade’s Edge (Dragon Blood Book 1) by Lindsay Buroker
Beneath the Canyons (Daughter of the Wildings Book 1) by Krya Halland
Sword of the Gods: Agents of Ki (Sword of the Gods Saga Book 3) by Anna Erishkigal (Seraphim Press)
Immortal at Sea (The Immortal Chronicles Book 1) by Gene Doucette
The Watcher’s Keep: An Epic Fantasy (The Triadine Saga Book 1) by Timothy Bond (myOstrich Press)

Best Historical Fiction
City of Whores by Mark B. Perry (Starboard Home Press)
Daughters of the Dragon – A Comfort Woman’s Story by William Andrews (MADhouse Press LLC)
A King Uncaged, A Historical Novel of Scotland (The Stewart Chronicles Book 2) by J.R. Tomlin (Talon Novels)
The Swan-Daughter (The Daughters of Hastings Book 2) by Carol McGrath (Accent Press)
Gastien: From Dream to Destiny by Caddy Rowland
#Havana62: To the Brink of Nuclear War (Hashtag Histories) by Phillip Gibson
Scherzo: Murder and Mystery in 18th Century Venice by Jim Williams (Marble City Publishing)

Best Horror
Consumption by Michael Patrick Hicks
Fool’s Ride (The Jenkins Cycle Book 2) by John L. Monk
Bigfoot Hunters by Rick Gualtieri (Westmarch Publishing)
Chicago Fell First: A Zombie Novel by Aaron Smith (Buzz Books USA)
Hell’s Gate: A Victorian Monster Novel by Edward M. Grant (Banchixi Media)
Madness Inherent by Aurelio Rico Lopez III (James Ward Kirk Publishing)
Soft Apocalypses by Lucy A. Snyder (Raw Dog Screaming Press)

Best Literary Fiction
Summer Symphony by Brandon Shire (TPG Books)
Stardust Summer by Lauren Clark (Monterey Press)
Apron Strings by Mary Moroney
A Winter Wrong: A Pride and Prejudice Novella Variation (Seasons of Serendipity Book 1) by Elizabeth Ann West (Pemberley Possibilities)
The Resurrection of Tess Blessing by Lesley Kagen (SparkPress)
Waiting by Bonnie Dodge (BookTrope)
When You Were Older by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Best Mystery/Suspense
Deadly Betrayal (Deadly Vices Book 3) by Kristine Cayne
Love Poison by Peter Barber (Red Adept Publishing)
Quicksilver (The Forensic Geology Series) by Toni Dwiggins
Justice Overdue: A Private Investigator Mystery Series (A Jake & Annie Lincoln Thriller Book 5) by Rayven T. Hill (Ray of Joy Publishing)
A Girl of Great Price by Milo James Fowler
A Spy Came Home (Mac Ambrose Book 1) by H.N. Wake
The Obituary Society by Jessica L. Randall

Best Romance
Divine and Dateless (Eternally Yours Book 1) by Tara West (Shifting Sands Publishing)
The Love of Wicked Men (Part One) by Brandon Shire (TPG Books)
Dirty Deeds (Cole McGinnis Series Book 4) by Rhys Ford (Dreamspinner Press)
The Way You Look Tonight (The Sullivans Book 9) by Bella Andre (Oak Press LLC)
Without Words by Ellen O’Connell
False Start: an Assignment: Romance novel by Barbara Valentin
A Love That Never Tires (Linley & Patrick Book 1) by Allyson Jeleyne (Fifty Forty Productions)

Best Science Fiction
Skylights by Luther M. Siler (Prostetnic Publications)
Dakiti by E.J. Fisch (Transcendence Publishing)
Tactics of Conquest (Stellar Conquest Series Book 3) by David VanDyke (Reaper Press)
The Oasis of Filth – Part 3 – From Blood Reborn by Keith Soares (Bufflegoat Books)
The Draco Eye (Space: 1889 & Beyond, Vol. 3.2) by Sharon Bidwell (Untreed Reads)
Shadowrun: Fire & Frost by Kai o’Connal (Catalyst Game Labs)
Salt by Colin F. Barnes (Anachron Press)

Best Thriller
A Requiem for Dead Flies by Peter N. Dudar (Nightscape Press)
Absinthe & Chocolate by Dale Amidei (Single Candle Press)
Deadly Journey by Declan Conner (Scorpion Books)
BAD DEEDS: A Dylan Hunter Justice Thriller (Dylan Hunter Thrillers Book 2) by Robert Bidinotto
She’s Gone (A Pete Maddox Thriller Book 2) by Alan Petersen (17th Street Books)
March Into Madness (The Mark Taylor Series Book 4) by M.P. McDonald
LASSITER (Jake Lassiter Legal Thrillers Book 8) by Paul Levine (Nittany Valley Productions, Inc.)
Lady 52: A Jack Daniels/Nicholas Colt Novel by Jude Hardin and J.A. Konrath

Best Young Adult
Wishing Will by Daniel Harvell and Benjamin Lund
Polarity in Motion by Brenda Vicars (Red Adept Publishing)
Confessions of a Middle School Assassin: Code Name: Macho Book One by Denninger Bolton (Javelina Books)
Grunge Gods and Graveyards by Kimberly G. Giarratano
Know Thy Frienemy: a Darkworld novel: Destiny Walker #2 by Misti Wolanski
All the Butterflies in the World by Rodney Jones (Red Adept Publishing)
Threats of Sky and Sea by Jennifer Ellision