Spammers are funny

I actually get a kick out of reading my WordPress spam these days. Either the spammers have gotten dumb as wood (no offense to any treants that may be reading this blog) or they are deliberately just screwing around for some arcane reason that only makes sense in the alternate reality they live in.

I get five or six spam comments a day telling me I need SEO help (apparently this isn’t true, as they had no trouble finding me within ten minutes of a new post!). Then there are the faux praise that sound like something out of a bad 1980’s sitcom. “WOW, you are so cool. I wish I could come up with this stuff like you! Visit my site!” And then there are the ones that didn’t even bother to try and translate their spam into English before posting.

The most common “compliment” I get is that I make the spammers smarter. They say things like “I learned something today” or “I never knew that! Thank you for sharing!” or “I will go learn more about this!” Glad I brightened their lives with the gift of knowledge. I just wish they would stop trying to sell me penis enlargement pills and breast augementation creams (often in the SAME spam. I’ll leave that to you to figure out).

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