Chewy’s Book Review of Mama

Today we have Chewy’s review of Robin Morris’ horror novel Mama. I’m seriously thinking of sending a cleaning bill to Robin. I came home today and found slobber-laded bits of paper ALL OVER THE HOUSE from where Chewy chewed on this book. What were you thinking, sending him a book soaked in turkey drippings? Do you know how long it took me to clean up this mess?

What…what is wrong with you authors? He’s a dog!


Anyway, here is Chewy’s latest review.

Chewy’s Book Review

I like this book. Yes I do. Yes, yes I do. Throw it and I will fetch it. I will bring it right back. It’s not as good as a ball. Does it bounce? No? I will still fetch it. Just throw it. Please? Please throw it? It’s a story? A scary story? I don’t like being scared, like big noises in the sky sometimes make me scared, or that time when it’s hot outside and there are big noises all over the place. Throw the book. Throw the book. Don’t just hold it like that. Throw it! Are there dogs in the story? No dogs?

What kind of story is that? Just people running around and screaming and stuff? Ok, just put the book down. It is good for chewing. Yes, I like this book. It all comes apart and white bits get everywhere. Yes, it’s a good book. Very chewy. Hey! That’s my name! I’m Chewy and the book is chewy. Yes, yes. Good book. Nap time.

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