Chewy’s Book Review of No Such Thing

Chewy is requesting that I post another review. I have to say I’m impressed with how fast he reads! Considering he’s illiterate and all that. Today’s review is of Judi Coltman’s No Such Thing.


Chewy’s Book Review

No Such Thing is, at its core, the story of a Malinois; a retired K9 who is living out his golden years in a big old house. Apart from the appearance of a tennis ball from time to time, a couple of long runs he joins his human on and the opportunity to lunge at a man that threatens his human, Thor’s talents are largely misunderstood. With the ability to feel energies of entities still stuck in the house, Thor must guide his human to a broader understanding of the horrors that occurred in the house long ago. It is a relief that unlike so many stories, this author allows the dog to be the hero he was meant to be. At 271 pages this mystery/thriller is a book I could really sink my teeth into. And I did. The corners showed signs of wear but the cover maintains the overall integrity of the book with few permanent tooth marks.


General Disclaimer from Chewy’s Mom: While I can’t actually confirm how Chewy managed to write this review, I can confirm that some serious paper chewing occurred today. When I got home from work, I found a trail of paper shreds that resembled book pages leading from Chewy’s bowl to the sofa. Definitely book page paper and not the roll of toilet paper he got hold of yesterday.

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