Chewy’s Book Review of The Ghosts of Sherwood

Today Chewy shares his review of The Ghost of Sherwood. Meanwhile, I get to sort through the piles of packages full of bribes this dog keeps getting. Chew toys. Dog treats. A subscription to Dog Fancy. Nobody ever sends ME bribes to review their books. I just get complaints. Damn authors…


Chewy’s Book Review

I didn’t know what to think of this book at first. The word “ghost” scared me like the vacuum cleaner, but I soon realized that it was one of those things that human’s say that doesn’t make much sense. Like saying going to the vet won’t hurt. Obviously that means something else to them.


Anyway, the story is set a long time ago. I don’t know how long, but longer than mommy is gone when she leaves for the store. That is a long time, and this is longer.


The main characters are humans, sadly, but they seemed to be mostly nice. There is a couple of jerks that I wanted to bite *growl*. The main guy seemed like he would be mean from his title, but he wasn’t.


The best thing about the book was all of the trees! I saw the cover and got excited, but then I got worried that the cover was just a way to get dogs to read the story. But there were all sorts of talk about forests and trees, so I was happy.


Overall, a typical story of humans. Some people want things, other people don’t want them to have those things, there are fights, food and fun. Not enough pictures, overall, but I can forgive that for all of the trees.

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