Book Review: Your New Title is “Accomplice”

“Sometimes the best you can hope for is that the lesser of two evils is the funny one.”

And this, my fellow denizens of Corporate America, is the Gospel according to Dilbert. Can I get an Amen?

“Your New Job Title Is ‘Accomplice’” brings fans a new batch of office truths cleverly disguised as harmless comics. No matter how absurd the scenarios presented, we still find ourselves nodding with knowing amusement. From the perils of outsourcing your servers to a third-world nation full of data vampires to the dangers of facial recognition software, Dilbert and his beleaguered colleagues commiserate with the rest of us as we shuffle through office life. My only complaint about this collection is that there is not nearly enough roboshark.

I really need my own roboshark.

Note: This review is based off of an advanced review copy. Book will be available in May.

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