Chewy’s Book Review of Petectives

Chewy is back with another book review. Apparently, he accused me of boring people with my serious reviews of “hoity-toity” books (I tried to argue that the last Dilbert review wasn’t hoity-toity and he said that was just an outlier and didn’t count). So he has come to your rescue with a review that is nether hoity nor toity.


On a possibly related note, I did catch Chewy earlier today trying to use his nose to turn the page of a book I was reading on my Kindle Fire.


Chewy’s Book Review

Today I’ll be reviewing a book called “Petectives” by Robert J. Smith. The title was promising but it turned out to be about cat detectives. Ugh. I’d sooner believe that a cat would commit a crime before I’d believe that they would solve one. Anyway this is a classic mystery story with dogs and cats instead of people. The plot involves the cat detectives being hired by a girl cat to find her missing brother. This leads to trouble with a bunch of criminal dogs who are linked to secret dogfights that are going on in the neighborhood. The heroes have to find the missing cat while shutting down the dogfights.
My favorite character in the book is Duke, a no nonsense German Shepherd who has set himself and some other dogs up as the neighborhood Dog Patrol, a heroic group that provides law enforcement for the animals in the area. He’s a little rough around the edges but he’s smart, tough and brave and should have been the lead character.
I like that the story featured animals and not humans (although I would’ve preferred more dogs and less cats). It should appeal to anybody who likes pets (even cats) and wonders what we might be up to when people aren’t looking.

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