Book Review: The Afterlife Interviews

In The Afterlife Interviews, spiritual medium and researcher Jeffrey Marks sets out on a comprehensive project to provide the answer to what really happens to us after we die. Marks works with over a dozen individuals across different religious beliefs and backgrounds to try and gain some consensus on the subject. The end result is a fascinating, though at times oddly clinical, window into what awaits beyond death.

Though I believe in reincarnation and spiritualism, I always find myself dismissing most alleged mediums I come across. Too many of them adopt a faux shroud of credibility by claiming to channel Jesus, or the Virgin Mary, or some other mythical entity or historic persona from various religions. What I found so refreshing about Marks and his work in this book is that he has a certain humility so often lacking among those that claim to be mediums. He doesn’t pretend to have all the answers.

Instead, he goes out and asks questions. In this case, a total of 52 different questions ranging from the moments immediately after death to the nature of evil. The end result is an engaging journey through the afterlife. There are times when Marks seems too detached from the subject matter, like a scientist examining something under a microscope. But overall the book is a thoughtful, and thought-provoking, look at the afterlife for those with an open mind.

Reviewer Note: I was given a comp copy of this book for review.

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