Chewy’s Book Review of Sir Dragonbreath

Chewy returns with yet another book review. This dog is one helluva speed reader. Today’s doggie review is for the graphic novel Sir Dragonbreath by Margaret Lake. And yes, Chewy, I DO think a dragon would miss it’s toe bone. Don’t get any bright ideas…


Chewy’s Book Review

Chewy likes this book. It has lots of pretty pictures with a pond I can swim in, flowers I can dig in and trees I can lift my leg on. Best of all is the dragon. He poops even bigger loads than I do. Think of the fun I can have rolling around in dragon poop!


Poor Gwendolyn, though. She has to clean up that mess. <shudder> In spite of that, she loves her pet dragon. I know what I’d love. I’d love to get hold of one of those bones. Do you think Simon would miss a little ole’ toe bone?


The wizard battle was pretty cool, but I have to give this book four stars instead of five because it gets all sloppy at the end. I mean, do I look like the kind of dog that likes a sappy, happy, romantic ending? Not on your life.

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