Chewy’s Book Review of Magic Trickery

Chewy returns with a new review of Magic Trickery. Man, this book really got him going. He’s been pacing around the house all day complaining about “damn tea drinkers.” I didn’t realize this was such a sensitive subject for him. All these years and I didn’t know. Then again, I am a coffee drinker, not a tea drinker.


On the bright side, you should all be very impressed at how articulate my dog is getting with these reviews.


Chewy’s Book Review

I really don’t know why anyone would write about a man who drinks so much nasty smelling tea. I once took a whiff of a human’s tea (okay, maybe I drank a little too), and I was sick for an hour. Why would you include that in your book? Grrrr…


Anyway, this fantasy e-book, named Magic Trickery (I wish I knew how to make book titles in italics like my owner can) is about a man named Thadrick Clant, who likes to talk about himself a lot and drink nasty tea. It seems that he makes his living taking money from other humans and not telling them, which is not the nicest thing he could do. He also goes sniffing around in order to help other people, which is nice, I have to admit.


In the book, Clant promises to help free the kidnapped sister of a man wanted for being an illegal wizard, so they can escape the city. At least, that’s what it starts out like. It gets really confusing and complicated after that, with everyone lying to everyone else, and Clant having to find out what is really going on.
Why can’t it be a simple happy story? Anyway, I think it would make more sense to a human, since humans usually like lots of plot twists. Besides, if it made sense to me, I’d probably ruin the book for you anyway, trying to explain what happens next. I know from experience with my owner’s website that humans definitely don’t like that.
I’d say the human who wrote this book, Chris Mitchell, isn’t a bad sort, since he did give me a tasty treat. (Just don’t tell my owner, okay?) He did an okay job writing it, except for the nasty smelling tea part. If he got rid of that part, then the book would be better (at least for humans).

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