Chewy’s Book Review of Injured Reserves

Chewy returns with yet another book review. This time for DC Bourone’s Kindle Single Injured Reserves. I want to go on record as saying I did NOT make any claim that the author was “certifiable” or anything to that regard. I said I can’t believe any author is crazy enough to want a book review from a dog. But people keep submitting books to Chewy. Who am I to judge?


Chewy’s Book Review

What I like about this book is that people are running a lot.  I mean, like, everywhere.  On a beach. I think that means you can’t drink the water.  Salty!  Oh, right.  Running.  While people shoot at them.  Whatever that is.  Running! This is fun because it means I can fantasize about chasing them.  Maybe giving them a little nip.  Or two. Nothing toothy.


I think it is a war story, because it is very very loud, and I think they are running because they are being shot at.  What a great way to make people run!  So I can chase them!  Also this author rhymed “lapidary wheel” with “Valkyrie” while people were being shot at!  My Bards Boss said this means he is crazy.  Bards Boss read this story too and then had a kind of distant look on her face, like when I leave a big one on the carpet.  She said this story is a “Kindle Single” which means this author is definitely certifiable.  Crazy.  Crazy is like when Bards Boss said I would really like a bath. With almond scented shampoo. She lied. I do not like to bathe.  Bathing is for sissies. Or dalmatians.  I think everybody should read this story, so they can know what crazy really is!  Can I have a treat?

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