Chewy’s Book Review of Sudden Death Overtime

Today Chewy returns with a new book review of Steve Vernon‘s Sudden Death Overtime: A Tale of Hockey and Vampires. Chewy has actually stopped trying to eat the mailman because the mailman has been delivering him all of these books (and bribes) from all of these authors who want reviews. I found an empty box in the recyclables with the Omaha Steaks logo on the side this morning. Chewy insists that the author just used the box to ship a book.  Must have been an awfully bloody book is all I’m saying…


Chewy’s Book Review

This is a good book. It’s got hockey and hockey has got a puck and pucks are almost as good as balls for chasing.


It’s got a bus and buses are good, too. Buses have great big wheels – which are almost as good to pee on as great big trees, great big fire hydrants or great big blades of grass.


It is a tail, too. It says so – right in the subtitle.


Tails are good for wagging.


It’s got vampires, too. Vampires are NOT good. Vampires are BAD because they bite people and biting people is bad, bad, bad.


Chewy is a good dog.


Chewy chews on hockey pucks and rubber balls – but not on people.


Unless they’re vampires.


Or maybe mailmen.

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