Book Review: Eerie America: Travel Guide of the Macabre


Eerie America: Travel Guide of the Macabre

Retail Price: $24.99 (paperback, full color)

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Eerie America: Travel Guide of the Macabre is just under 200 pages of full-color promotional literature for tourist attractions across America. And unfortunately, promotional literature is really all this collection is.

The guide is conveniently organized by state and includes at least one stop for every state in the union. Visually, the book is attractive and has that sideshow carny vibe. In that regard, it would be a fun coffee table book to leave out for guests to flip through or as a gift idea for friends interested in haunted locales.

The actual information, though, is little more than the promotional material pulled from various tourist attraction websites. In many cases, the listings consist of nothing more than a piece of old time clip art, a one paragraph promo post, and the address of the site.  This is less a travel guide than a collection of brochures.

If you are looking for a quirky gift item for a friend who enjoys creepy or haunted places, Eerie America would be a good choice. As an actual travel guide, however, the book fails to deliver anything a simple Google search of “haunted attractions” won’t turn up.

Reviewer Note: I was given an Advance Reviewer Copy of this title.

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