Book Review: The Little Blue Thinking Book


Note: I was given a complimentary copy of this book for review, however the version I was given is an older version under the title The Little Blue Thinking Book. This version no longer appears to be available for sale. The only differences between my version and the newer version appears to be the addition of some graphic elements.

We have all at some point stood in dumbfounded awe of the illogical or irrational behavior of others. Each of us has at times found ourselves in disagreement with a person who was so obviously wrong that we thought the person was being willfully ignorant.
And yet, was it really the other person who refused to see reason? Or was it the other way around?

You may change your answer after reading The Little Blue Thinking Book.

Author Brandon Royal’s book is what you might call an introductory self-study guide for those interested in sharpening their critical thinking skills. Royal covers everything from selective perception to lateral thinking to probability trees and more in this compact work.

Though technically divided into chapters, the reality is that the book is really two halves. The first half is comprised of the five chapters that detail the actual lessons. The second half consisted of a bunch of appendixes that for the most part simply restate or reinforce information from the first half. While there are a few interesting thought exercises, much of what is in the appendixes felt redundant.

Individuals with some background in logic or critical thinking may find the book at best self-explanatory and at worst overly simplified. However, as a primer for those interesting in building a foundation on which to develop their critical thinking skills, The Little Blue Thinking Book is a solid start.

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