Special Guest Post: The Authors of “His Prize Possession”

One of the things I love about the indie community is the ability to rally people behind a cause and bring about real change. Indie authors are using their platforms not just for profit, but to support the causes that they care about. Today the authors behind the erotic title His Prize Possession: Tales of Pleasure and Domination talk about why they came together to raise money for The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC). 


Cherry Dare: I’ve been involved in activism for LGBTQ rights and related issues for nearly 20 years, starting with AIDS/HIV issues in the early 90s. I identify as (mostly/primarily) straight, but I have friends, family members, co-workers, acquaintances, and so forth who identify as every letter in the acronym.


 There is nothing more deeply personal than your gender identity, or who you fall in love with, who you’re attracted to, and who you want to have sex with. It appalls me that so many people face discrimination, rejection, or violence because of something as basic, natural, and even beautiful as that.


 I hope that our stories will turn readers on, and the money we raise will help people love and live as they wish.


 Isabel Dare: In some countries, the explicit gay erotica I write would get me thrown in prison. I wish there were no countries like that. I wish there was no place on earth where the human rights of LGBT people were abused or held in disregard. But wishing won’t make it happen, and the IGLHRC’s work will. I will support them whenever I can, and if I can support them while writing about gay tentacle sex, I consider that a bonus.


Calandra Hunter: Living in a country where gays and lesbians can get married, adopt and live their lives together, it’s easy to forget there are still countries where it’s not so simple. The work that the IGLHRC does is unfortunately still necessary and I’m more than happy to contribute in a tiny way.


 Lyla Luray: I love reading and writing romance and erotica about LGBT characters, because it allows me to set aside real world worries for a time and pretend that all people and relationships are accepted, and all stories lead to happy endings. But fiction always ends. Contributing to this project, and to the excellent work done by the IGLHRC, has been a great way to link fiction and reality, to try and make some small but tangible difference in the real world. I hope our readers feel the same!


 Dawn South: In the piles of books that live in my childhood memories, some volumes stand out. One was a collection of plays which contained Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest, which made me laugh as a middle-schooler and is still one of my favorites. Being the voracious reader I was, I grabbed my encyclopedia and looked up the playwright’s biography. What I read about Wilde made me sad…and then angry. I guess I’m still sad and angry. While progress has been made in many places, homophobia is still breaking hearts and stealing lives, still separating fathers from children, still poisoning our world. I hope our small effort helps counteract that poison.


We chose to have all funds go to The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC), “a leading international organization dedicated to human rights advocacy on behalf of people who experience discrimination or abuse on the basis of their actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.” Their website is iglhrc.org.


So far we have donated $944.00 to the IGLHRC, from sales as of December 2013, and we plan to continue to donate as long as we have sales.


Thanks to the authors who shared their thoughts on why this project was important to them, and bravo on the amazing fundraising results! If you are an indie author or publisher that would like to share your fundraising story, email me at jdawson(at)bardsandsages.com. Bards and Sages Publishing is committed to supporting those efforts that encourage positive change in the world.

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