Book Review: Red Tide

Red Tide is a collection of four novellas by different authors all loosely related by the theme of teleportation and the social consequences such technology would have. As part of the Stellar Guide Series, the collection teams veteran sci-fi author Larry Niven with Brad R. Torgersen and Matthew J. Harrington. Like other books in the series, Red Tide is a great way to introduce yourself to authors you may have overlooked or revisit authors you haven’t read in a while.

These are all stand-alone stories but they do share a universe with Niven’s Red Tide, if not literally at least in spirit. Each story is tightly woven and well-paced, though the one problem I had with all of the stories is that most of the characters are rather flat and felt derivative. I never actually cared about any of the characters themselves. The plots, however, have enough meat on the them to keep you reading. The stories all do what good sci-fi should do; make us think about the direction technology is going and what that might mean for us as a society.

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