Book Review: Enjella Uprooted

Enjella Uprooted is a warm, funny, and engaging story about a tooth fairy who aspires to be the best Tooth Sparkler in the Kingdom of Sparkleshire, but then discovers that she seeks more out of life. Author Jane F. Collen does a wonderful job of presenting a story about overcoming low self-confidence, dealing with bullying and teasing, and, ultimately, finding your own path in the world. It is a positive book for children, particularly young girls, that encourages them to think for themselves and be true to who they are.

Enjella is a great character and role model. She is kind and thoughtful, but not a pushover. She learns how to assert herself slowly over the course of the story and how to overcome the expectations of others that sometimes hold us back. it is a delightful narrative and a strong start to the Enjella Adventure series.

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