Book Review: Borderline Personality Disorder Toolbox

Borderline Personality Disorder Toolbox: A Practical Evidence-Based Guide to Regulating Intense Emotions by Jeff Riggenbach is a well-designed, practical workbook for those that suffer from BPD. Written in an accessible, conversational tone, Riggenbach presents the material in an easy-to-digest manner.

The workbook opens with a solid explanation of what BPD is, how it is defined, how to find a qualified therapist, and how to set treatment expectations. These opening sections empower the patient to take control of his or her treatment.

The workbook exercises are clear, concise, simple to follow, and cover a wide range of potential trigger situations. Though designed for the patient’s use, this book is a valuable resource for friends and family who want to better understand the condition so that they can provide needed support. Family can work through many of the worksheets with the patient to provide additional encouragement and reinforce the lessons.

Reviewer note: I received a comp copy of this book for review and criticism

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