Reader’s Choice Awards 2017!

With the release of the October issue of the Quarterly, it is time to open voting for our annual Reader’s Choice Awards. Every year, we give our readers the chance to tell us which stories were their favorites in each issue. The winners will see their stories republished next year in Bardic Tales and Sage Advice, Volume 10. Yes, we are actually up to VOLUME TEN!

I suddenly feel very, very old…

Before we get into the polls, I’d like to remind our readers that you can actually get ALL NINE existing volumes in a single bundle for only #9.99. You can get the bundle in your choice of mobi, epub, or PDF format. For complete information, just go to the book page on our site.

I am also reminded as I do this that, with the upcoming January 2018 issue, we will be working on our tenth year of publication for the journal. For that, I want to thank all of the authors and readers who have joined us over the decade to make the Quarterly possible. Without you, there is no Quarterly.

The Polls will close NOVEMBER 15th! Winners will be announced in the December newsletter.

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