GMAIL AUTHORS: Create a Publisher Filter

As many of you know, we have had ongoing problems with gmail authors not getting our emails. What we have learned is that the emails are being delivered, but that gmail tends to classify them as “promotions” for purposes of their filters. The emails are either being delivered to the promotions tab or the spam folder.

We have tried to work with gmail on this matter and gotten nowhere. Despite dozens of emails from authors that we can produce showing what the issue is, their position is that users can set up their inbox to filter what they want.

I have spoken with other small publishers and discovered I am not the only publisher suffering from this issue.

If you are an author using gmail to handle your submissions, the responsibility thus falls on YOU to make sure that your inbox is set up in a manner that you will actually get publisher responses. You have three options.

Nuclear Method

Get rid of the promotions tab entirely. Most of your emails will be delivered to your main inbox (you will still get spam delivered to your spam folder.) To do this, go to Configure Inbox and uncheck the “Promotions” tab option. This will remove the promotions tab entirely.

Scalpel Method

If you want to use the promotions tab and generally find it useful, you can train Gmail to send our emails to your inbox. You first need to find one of our emails in the promotions tab. Once you find an email in the promotions tab that you want delivered to your inbox, you star it. This is supposed to “train” gmail that these emails should be delivered to the inbox instead of the promotions folder. We have tested this with our own gmail account and it works most of the time, but still on occasion something flagged ends up in the promotions folder.

Laser-Targeting Method

This method requires a little work on the front end, but once you have it set up it will be the best option for authors that want to easily find all publisher responses in one place. Under the settings, you will find an option to create filters and block addresses.

Select the option to create a filter.

Add the email address you want to filter and click to create the filter.

From here, you can chose to just automatically star or “Always mark as important” to avoid the promotions tab entirely.

A better option, however, to to create a dedicated filter for Publishers. You can do this by creating a new label.

We suggest simply calling this label “Publishers” but you can call it whatever you want.

You can select to create one common filter for all publishers, or set up a separate filter for each publisher. Once you set up the filter, all emails from that address will be flagged.You will be able to see immediately when you have replies from publishers!

Once a label is set, you will be able to select it for each address you decide to filter. You can therefore set up this special filter for all publishers that you submit to.

All of our addresses for our different projects are listed on our main website. You can also select a full domain (example instead of individual email addresses. However, if you are using this filter specifically to track responses from publishers, I would suggest using the individual addresses. If you are a subscriber to our newsletter, for example, you might not want the newsletter going into your publisher filter.

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