Book Review: Star Wars: The Old Republic – Annihilation


Annihilation is an eye-opening read for hardcore fans of the Star Wars universe and, specifically, those who play the MMO. I’ll avoid any spoilers, but suffice it to say there are plenty of “You have got to be kidding me!” revelations in this book that will really flesh out some of the Old Republic lore.

Unfortunately, if your only knowledge of the universe is the core movies, you may feel a bit lost. author Drew Karpyshyn doesn’t put a lot of work into the world-building or character development, I suppose because he assumes the reader already knows what he or she needs to know. Characters come and go rapidly. Important events are referenced in passing. Without an existing frame of reference, much of this will feel jumbled and erratic.

This is particularly troublesome when it comes to the character development of the main characters: our hero, Theron, and his nemesis, Darth Karrid. Theron is a cool character, but frankly the storyline for my Imperial Agent in the actual game does a better job of character development. And Karrid is a caricature of a Sith Lord. She doesn’t seem to have a well defined purpose as a character, and serves more as a placeholder to operate the superweapon.

It is an entertaining read for those who are already well-versed in the nuances and lore of the Old Republic era. But casual fans may want to look elsewhere.