Coming October 1st: 30 Days of Indie Horror!

Halloween is my favorite holiday. So much so, that I’m setting up a very special treat for all my favorite ghouls. Starting on October 1st, we’ll be running 30 Days of Indie Horror, bringing you excerpts from horror books published by indie authors and small presses. Stop back daily to read a new excerpt each day and enter our drawing to win one of three ebook prize packs from Bards and Sages Publishing. The prize packs include digital copies of the following titles:


Bards and Sages Publishing is proud to present Triptych: An Omnibus of Wonder. Triptych features three complete works from award-winning author Peter A. Baslaskas, including: 

The Grandmaster
Welcome to the Wagner Institute for Mental Treatment and Investigations. Since 1966, Dr. Johann Wagner has guided his team of paranormal investigators and psychologists in solving supernatural crimes and unlocking the secrets of the human mind. But now a horror from his past has come back to destroy not only Wagner, but everything he has built. Wagner once used his paranormal powers to escape the horrors of the Holocaust, but can his aging mind and body stop the terror that has returned to claim him? 

The Chameleon’s Addiction
In this gothic horror novella, outsider Reynard Malory’s introduction to the eccentric Boccaccio Club promises a final chance to find a place where he belongs. The price for joining this exclusive club may be more than Reynard wants to pay, but the choice may no longer be his to make. 

In Our House: Tantalizing Tales of Terror
This collection of short stories takes readers on a dark journey into that shadow realm between the real and surreal, where ordinary people find themselves confronted by extraordinary things. Close the windows. Lock the doors. Check under the bed. And make yourself at home…in our house. 

“In his short story collection In Our House, Peter Balaskas delights in presenting to us terrible men and then further delights in delivering to them their well-earned comeuppance. A wicked read.” 

David Fuller, Edgar Award Nominee 

“Like Patricia Highsmith or even early Stephen King, Balaskas is shaping himself into a modern master of magic and terror.” 

Marlon James, NY Times Editor’s Choice and LA Book Prize Finalist 

Almost three hundred pages of dark fiction in one volume.


“I cannot die.” 

For Jack Chandler, death meant eventually being reunited with his wife, who had died in a car accident a year earlier. But that small comfort is shattered when he is shot by a strange duo seeking his help against a mysterious entity known as the Shadowman. Now Jack must come to terms with this “Gift” that has upended his life and find the strength to confront a monster than cannot die. 




What would you do if a 300 year old vampire decided that you would make the perfect Van Helsing for his own twisted game?

A series of bizarre kidnappings leads detective Mitch Grogan to the home of the wealthy and eccentric Darius Hawthorne. What he discovers there unleashes a chain of events that not only threatens his life, but also his sanity. Grogan finds himself caught up in a deadly game with a three hundred year old vampire looking for a worthy adversary. But how can a burnt-out cop with a crumbling marriage compete against a centuries’ old immortal with unlimited resources and supernatural powers?
More than boredom drives the cunning Hawthorne, however. His attempts to push Grogan to the breaking point are more than cruel entertainment. They also serve as a test to see whether or not the mortal is ready to help him hunt an even more deadly foe:  one that would see the whole world burn to remove the vampiric corruption from it.

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