Stories on the Go: 101 Very Short Stories by 101 Authors

One of the great things about the indie publishing community is the way a random idea can careen out of control and result in something awesome. Such is the case with Stories on the Go: 101 Very Short Stories by 101 Authors. Compiled by Andrew Ashling, the anthology began as a vague idea at Over the months, it appeared that the idea would vanish into a sea of could-have-beens, until it was finally salvaged by Andrew.

As someone who has been putting together anthologies for a decade now, I understand how difficult it can be to corral authors long enough to get such collections together. By the grace of the gods, Andrew managed to rein in 101 authors and an assortment of volunteers to bring this project together. I am honestly in awe of what he has accomplished, and I am grateful I had the opportunity to contribute a story and take part in the book.

The anthology is now free on Amazon. It is an amazing collection of flash fiction from some of the best authors in the indie community. The anthology features a wide range of genres and styles. I’m pleased to report a substantial showing for the fantasy, horror, and sci-fi genres. Readers will find a convenient index by genre that they can use to navigate to the stories they want to read first.


Complete list of participating authors

Micah Ackerman, Caddy Rowland, Monica La Porta, Sam Kates, Lanette Curington, Ela Lond, Livia Harper, Griffin Carmichael, Selina Fenech, Mark Gardner, Ellisa Barr, Marilyn Vix, Jean Louise, Sheryl Fawcett, Nathan Williams, K.D. Hendriks, Wendy C. Allenn (Eelkat), Lindy Moone, Andrew Ashling, David J. Normoyle, Jack Lusted, H.S. Stone, Craig Halloran, Cherise Kelley, George Berger, Jamie Campbell, Amelia Smith, H.S. St.Ours, Melisse Aires, Cora Buhlert, Philip Harris, Emily Martha Sorensen, Raquel Lyon, Samuel Clements, Dulce Rolindeax, Julie Ann Dawson, J.T. Hall, Roz Marshall, Vincent Trigili, J.E. Taylor, Hugh Howey, Samuel Peralta, Daniel R. Marvello, John L. Monk, Hudson Owen, Stella Wilkinson, Susan C. Daffron, Anya Kelly, Rachel Aukes, Anya Allyn, Zelah Meyer, Nicolas Wilson, Jennifer Lewis, Toni Dwiggins, Derek Neville, D.D. Parker, Keith Rowland, Ruth Nestvold, P.D. Singer, Quinn Richardson, Peter J. Michaels, Daniel Wallock, Thea Atkinson, Lisa Grace, Matt Ryan, Vanna Smythe, Geraldine Evans, MeiLin Miranda, Beverly Farr, Sarah L. Carter, Tony Bertauski, Edward M. Grant, Misti Wolanski, Erik Feka, Dee Gabbledon, Becca Price, Arrington Flynn, L.E. Parin, Darrin Perrez, Frank Zubek, Rachel Elizabeth Cole, Matthew W. Grant, Michael Coorlim, Maren Hayes, Tony Held, Allan Körbes, Tiffany Cherney, Landon Porter, Kathy Molyneaux, Drew Avera, SB Jones, Bob Summer, E.A. Linden, Sarra Cannon, Carol Kean, Kristy Tate, Jos van Brussel, John March, Nadia Nader, R.M. Prioleau, Joel Ansel


That is an impressive list of talent. If you consider yourself a fan of flash fiction, there is no excuse not to download this book.