Book Review: The Camelot Kids

The Camelot Kids: Book One by Ben Zackheim launches the adventures of fourteen-year-old Simon Sharp, an orphan living with his creepy uncle who discovers that he is actually a descendent of Sir Lancelot.

Zackheim doesn’t tread new ground here, but he does have a knack for storytelling that will keep you reading. This is your straightforward “young boy snatched away to a magical land to fulfill a prophesy” story, and at times it is predictable. But we can forgive that as the author gives us wonderfully developed characters and a story that stays true to the spirit of the King Arthur legend without being enslaved by it.

Artist Ian Greenlee’s ink illustrations are a nice touch that adds depth to the overall presentation. As this is the first book in the series, my only hope is that the characters of Maille and Gwen don’t get demoted to the roles of damsel-in-distress and/or window dressing in future books.

Reviewer note: I was given a comp copy of this book in exchange for a review.

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