The Great Tomes Series: Open for Submissions

Beginning August 1st, we will start accepting submissions for our Great Tomes series. The Great Tomes Series will feature short fiction and novella length works within the speculative genres. Each installment in the series will surround a specific theme.  The series will begin publication in 2016.


The Great Tome of Forgotten Relics and Artifacts

Theme: Plots revolving around magical items, cursed relics, ancient artifacts, or alien devices. The device must be central to the plot.


Submission Period:

August 1, 2015-October 31, 2015

Tentative Publication Date:

March 2016


The Great Tome of Darkest Horrors and Unspeakable Evils

Theme: Plots revolving around monsters, evil aliens, or otherworldly entities that serves as the antagonist for the story. We will not consider stories in which the monster is the protagonist.  For purposes of this anthology, the monster or entity must be a wholly original concept to the story and not based on an existing “real world” legend. (See The Great Tome of Cryptids and Legendary Creatures)


Submission Period:

October 31, 2015-December 31, 2015

Tentative Publication Date:

June 2016


The Great Tome of Fantastic and Wondrous Places

Theme: Plots revolving around exploration of fantasy or alien locales in which the acts of exploration and adventure are central to the plot.


Submission Period:

January 1, 2016-March 31, 2016

Tentative Publication Date:

September 2016


The Great Tome of Cryptids and Legendary Creatures

Theme: Plots revolving around the folklore and legends of “real world” cryptids. Examples include the Jersey Devil, bunyips, chupacabras, kelpies, etc. Stories may not be told from the creature’s point of view.


Submission Period:

March 31, 2016-June 30, 2016

Tentative Publication Date:

December 2016


This is a paying market. Previously published works will be considered. We do not require exclusivity in our publishing agreement. Complete details can be found at