Book Review: Pro-Voice

Pro Voice: How to Keep Listening When the World Wants a Fight is a provocative book because it does not seek to provoke. Written by Aspen Baker, founder of Exhale, the book details the founding and history of the post-abortion counseling service. Refusing to work under the bright light of either pro-life or pro-choice, Exhale thrives in the gray; providing a non-politicized, non-judgmental place for those impacted by abortion to share their stories.

The book also elaborates on the value of the pro-voice way of approaching social issues. It is not either/or, right versus wrong, black or white. It acknowledges the complexities of human life and the personal and unique issues of the individual. Pro-Voice says that each person’s life experiences have value, and that understanding those experiences can help build bridges across even the most vicious political divides.

Baker has a casual, personable writing style that is easy to read. There is a refreshing humility to her writing. She isn’t pretending to have all of the answers. Rather, Pro-Voice provides a way to make sure we actually hear the real questions.

Reviewer note: I was given a comp copy of this book for review.