No More “disposable” email addresses for subscriptions

I just purged over 2000 email addresses from my subscriber list. I just turned comments back on a couple of days ago, and my comments moderation queue was overflowing with spam. The majority of the spam is coming from email addresses that are from “disposable” email address services. The irony of getting spam comments from email addresses created at and is not lost on me.

I am genuinely sorry if you are a legitimate user of a disposable email account that was purged just now. But frankly, this is my thought process:

This blog, and just about everything I do online, is tied to me real name. ANY…SINGLE…PERSON could easily confirm that I am a real individual. That someone would feel the need to use a disposable email address to subscribe to my blog is a bit insulting. I don’t hide behind anonymous screen names. I don’t mask my agenda. I hardly ever send mass emails unless it is something major (like announcements through the site about the festival relocating, or the announcement I sent here recently that I was going to start purging the database of spam accounts.) If you don’t trust me with a “real” email address, then why are you subscribing? If you don’t trust me to not spam you, can you actually trust anything I say or write on this blog? Does it not seem to be a cognitive disconnect to subscribe to a site that discusses the topics I post about while worrying about me doing…I’m not sure what you think I’m going to do with your email.

And to be honest, this would not have become an issue if it was not for the HUGE amount of spam accounts I am dealing with using these disposable accounts. The spammers are using the tools designed to fight spam. So my only real recourse is to block these email addresses outright, because the alternative is for me to manually check all 10,000+ subscribers I have and try to determine if each one is real.

That is simply not going to happen.

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