So Much Going On!

Ye Gods! What have I gotten myself into?

This month is absolutely crazy with tons of exciting stuff going on. Her Sithiness is most pleased that she has been able to keep it all together. Then again, it IS only the 3rd…

So, first up is The Society of Misfit Stories initiative! What is The Society of Misfit Stories? These are stories often trapped in the forsaken shadowlands of the publishing industry: too long for traditional magazines and journals, but too short for print. The Society of Misfit Stories provides a loving home for longer short fiction. Each entry in the series is a stand-alone tale from talented new and established voices in a wide range of genres. Join us each week as we reveal a new story in the collection.

We launch the series THIS FRIDAY with the release of our dear friend Peter A. Balaskas’s Chamber Music. After killing his abusive brother-in-law, Alexander Quaide begins his sentence at Kerwin Correctional Facility. Not long after, he is introduced to his new cellmate: the professional flutist turned notorious serial killer Heinrich Schultz. Schultz, however, is more than a murderous sociopath. He possesses a terrifying power that allows him to control his victims. But that power may also be the key to Quaide’s freedom.

We will be publishing a new long-form short story every week. And we’re booked all the way through the first week of November.

Meanwhile, later this month we will be releasing volume eight…EIGHT!!!…of Bardic Tales and Sage Advice. I jut got the final edits back from my Evil Twin Julie Hedge (or am I the evil twin? I always get that confused). And now it is just a matter of cleaning up the formatting, finishing the cover, and uploading the files for final review. I can’t believe we’re now on the eighth volume.

Meanwhile, next weekend is our annual eFestival of Words Virtual Book Fair. Note that we have a new home for the festival. Come join us next weekend for great panels and author chats. And voting is still open for the 2016 Best of the Independent eBook Awards, so go vote already!

Let’s see, what else? Oh yes! The next volume of the Great Tome Series, The Great Tome of Fantastic and Wondrous Places, is currently being edited. We are looking at a September release. And Volume 4, The Great Tome of Cryptids and Legendary Creatures, is being finalized.