Best…Present…Ever! ;)

One of my co-workers signed my birthday card with “One year closer to becoming a SITH LORD.”

As such a comment indicates he has some hidden knowledge that I need to possess, I immediately asked him at exactly what age I can call myself a Sith Lord.

”Oh, you have to be middle-aged for that. You know, you have to spend time as an apprentice first.

I corrected him by explaining that, first, I was already middle-aged and, second, that being a Sith Witch precludes me from having to be an apprentice first.

”Well, you need to be like, MY age, first. Like 45 or 50.”

I told him I was 45 years old today. He was genuinely dumbfounded. Then he said, “Well, you don’t look at day over 30, my lord.”

Of course, now this brings up a few important questions.

At what age can I claim the Darth title?

Do I now have to change the name of my blog to reflect my new status?