The Future of Neiyar

“Some would say that all things must end, so that the next can come to pass. Perhaps this world is simply the Egg of the next kalpa? Lein vokiin? Would you stop the next world from being born?”


Effective November 23, 2016, all rights to the Neiyar: Land of Heaven and the Abyss campaign setting have been transferred to the fine folks at Fat Goblin Games.

I make this announcement with equal measures of excitement and sorrow. Neiyar was the first roleplaying game product I published when I launched Bards and Sages Publishing. The setting, in many ways, was quite progressive when it debuted. It touched on topics like gender roles, gender identity, and the treatment of “The Other.” Neiyar was designed to be a world that forced you to consider the consequences of a course of action beyond XP and loot.

I always planned to revise the setting for newer game systems. A few years ago, we made plans to do that. But fragmentation in the gaming industry made a revision impractical with our resources. I kept telling myself that, eventually, I would update the system for 5th Edition or for Pathfinder or even completely reboot it under the Karma Roleplaying System. I kept telling myself that…but other projects kept getting pushed ahead. In particular, much of my focus shifted away from gaming supplements to our growing fiction lines. When Rick Hershey reached out to me recently to see if I was interested in selling the rights, the question forced me to acknowledge the fact that I simply was never going to get around to doing the things I planned to do.

And if I wasn’t going to do it, maybe it was time to step aside and let someone else take the lead.

Rick and I had a great conversation about his plans for the setting, and while a part of me is sad to let go, I am also thrilled for the future of the world I created. I am looking forward to seeing Neiyar updated for Pathfinder and the new adventures Rick’s team has planned. And I hope all of you that have supported the setting over the years will show equal love to Rick’s team as they explore a whole new direction for the land of Neiyar.

Before the question gets asked: this doesn’t mean that Bards and Sages is getting out of the RPG business! The truth is, Rick has sort of lit a fire under my butt and re-motivated me to allot more time to game development. Our gaming lines have been put on the back burner for too long as we worked on expanding our fiction lines. That neglect will end. I had an amazing demo at PhilCon last weekend for our Post-Apocalyptic Blues campaign setting, and 2017 will see some dedicated adventures rolled out to support the game. I have supplements for Adventure Havens and Mythos finished that just need final editing completed. And it is time that I get that done.

So a big THANK YOU to Rick for his commitment to Neiyar and his willingness to move forward with the setting. I can’t wait to see where this new direction leads.

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