While the Sith is Away…

This Saturday, I’m getting married. Michael and I have been together, well, just about forever and are finally making it official. We’ll be leaving next week to go to New Orleans for the honeymoon (yes, yes, I’ll post pictures. You people are pushy!).

While I am looking forward to a very long vacation, this does pose a few issues. Like, for example, I won’t be available this weekend for the formal announcement of finalists for the eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards. Everything is set to go for the announcement Saturday, but I won’t be around to answer questions. However, my Sith Apprentices…um…I mean…publishing assistants, Lance Schonberg and Samantha Payne, will check in periodically on the Facebook pages and answer questions about the awards. I know finalists often have a lot of questions after the news breaks. I ask that folks be a little patient this weekend as I’ll be indisposed.

Starting next Thursday, I will be without computer access for the rest of the month and have only limited access to email. I know…the horrors! Hopefully this post covers most of the questions that will come up between now and then.

All fiction submissions for both the Society of Misfit Stories and the Bards and Sages Quarterly have been reviewed as of April 20th. In addition, Lance and Samantha are currently working through submissions sent in between April 21st and May 8th. Those stories are scheduled to be reviewed by August 1st. If you submitted a story before April 20th and have not gotten a reply, please resubmit and add “NO REPLY-RESUB” to the subject line. When I get back from vacation, that subject line will alert me to respond immediately and find out what happened. Otherwise, your story will just go into the regular submission queue.

Additional Project Updates

Bardic Tales and Sage Advice, Volume 9: Content and line editing is complete. Final proofreading and formatting will be completed when I return from vacation the week of August 1st. This publication is on schedule for release in time for the eFestival of Words Virtual Book Fair.

The Great Tome of Necromancers, Magicians, and Mystics: Content editing is complete. As a reminder, authors have until JULY 16th to get their final corrections to Julie Hedge. Julie Hedge will be handling the line edits and corrections. Please email her at jhedge@bardsandsages.com with questions about your story or if you need more time to finish your review. This anthology is scheduled for a September release.

The Society of Misfit Stories: All “Misfits” scheduled for publication through August 18th are already uploaded and available for pre-order on Amazon.com. Payments to authors will be processed before I leave for vacation next week.

Post-Apocalyptic Blues: Back to School: This was pushed to the back-burner due to the work on the anthologies. The playtesting is complete and all corrections have been made. I have to finish the final line editing and proofreading. It is on my schedule to work on when I get back from vacation. Should be able to release by the end of August.

Post-Apocalyptic Blues: Taking Care of Business: Revisions from the last playtesting session are completed. Back in playtesting to work out remaining bugs.

Okay! That is all the updates. I expect everyone to behave themselves while I am away. No wild parties, or, at least, if you have a wild party, try not to break anything and clean up before I get back!