Announcement Regarding Print Copies of the Quarterly

Effective Next Week:

PRINT versions of the Bards and Sages Quarterly published before 2018 will no longer be available. The digital versions will remain available for sale.

Why are we doing this?

Today, we received notice from that they are officially closing down the service. We have used Createspace for over a decade to produce print books for distribution. Earlier this year, Amazon ceased the Createspace customer-facing storefront and began to push publishers into use KDP.

In response to that, we started moving all new releases to Ingram for distribution, anticipating that Createspace would soon be closed completely. That day has arrived.

Amazon is promising to seamless migrate all publisher titles to KDP in the coming weeks. However, as we have previous experience with Amazon’s “seamless” migrations, we have grave misgivings that this process will be as smooth as they claim. Additionally, while KDP offers distribution services for print, it is not as robust as Createspace, nor is it picked up by as many retailers (for obvious reasons.) KDP also has higher print costs in many cases over Createspace, which means titles will need to be repriced if migrated.

As we make the decisions regarding which titles to migrate to KDP and which to migrate to Ingram, we need to consider the workload involved and additional costs associated with migration. In that regard, it is not practical to spend the resources reformatting 36 issues for migration to Ingram or purchase more ISBNs for migration to Ingram.

It also doesn’t make practical sense to clog up our current KDP account with old issues that then will need to be administered and the risk of duplication of listings between the print and ebook versions. Amazon already has serious problems not linking the wrong issues to each other. With each new issue, I have to contact them to tell them to stop linking this year’s issues to previous year’s issues! These listing errors cause confusion for our readers, and I suspect will only be compounded by migration.

2018 issues were already published directly with KDP (again, as we suspected Createpace would be closed eventually). So they will continue to be available in print. All ebook versions will also be unaffected by this.

What all this means is…if there is a past issue that you want in print, this may be your last chance to get them!