Excerpt: The Mictlan Murders

Publisher’s Note

The Mictlan Murders follows an investigation into the illegal body parts trade initiated by an unidentified researcher. The investigation quickly escalates to include a strange death cult and ritual murders, and the researcher finds himself trapped in a situation where the only way to get out is to dig deeper into this dark, underground world he has uncovered.

One of the reasons I decided to publish this novel was the unique narrative voice. Despite the narrator often portraying himself from a position of knowledge and authority, later discoveries in the book often demonstrate how wrong his initial assumptions were. There is a naivety in the narrator’s self-assured voice that compounds his hubris as he digs deeper into a world he can barely comprehend. His own interpretation of the documents, reports, and various found journals reproduced demonstrate how his need for a “reasonable” explanation of certain events prevents him from seeing the real truth of the situation he has placed himself in.

The Mictlan Murders is available in both digital and print formats.

EXCERPT: The Mictlan Murders

I’ve decided to begin our journey by sharing an interaction I had with an individual known as “Max” who specializes in the sale and consumption of “exotic meats.” Max acts as a middle man for the purchase and delivery of human delicacy. For safety and legal reasons, I cannot disclose exact locations, names or source of this activity.

There are things in this world that we just do not understand. Indeed, there are some that we simply do not want to.

August 14 2016 at 10:23PM
Re: Price list

I was referred by XXXXXX. I’m interested in a purchase. Looking for specifics.

I can be reached by this email (non-indexed).

August 15 2016 at 9:12AM
Re: Price List

Please confirm. Non-indexed.
Thank You.

August 15 2016 at 11:03AM

Confirmation is 153472267//.exe//3ogta45#

August 15 2016 at 10:19PM

Hi there!
I’m be in room 237 tomorrow 8/16 11:00PM PST.
Use entrance authentication code in confirmation. My name is Max.

The following are the transcripts captured of my first chat room conversation with Max. The chat room existed in a non-indexed location. (Specifics withheld for security purposes)

/XX: Hello..?

/MAX: Hi

/XX: Thank you for meeting.

/MAX: welcome. how can I help you?

/XX: Interested in merchandise.

/MAX: ok. how did you find me?


/MAX: Payment is coin. Account coded. Any problems?

/XX: No problem there.

/MAX: what are you looking for?

/XX: upper, torso

/MAX: upper extremity 5-6 coin depends. limbs 3-4 whole piece  9 coins or specific?

/XX: Yes, Adrenaline.

/MAX: age, gender?

/XX: no

/MAX: 5 coins.

/XX: OK.

/MAX: 1 coin deposit, remainder on delivery.

/XX: delivery in the US?

/MAX: yes.

/XX: sounds good.

/MAX: email in 1-2 weeks if have. then discuss payment, location.

/XX: all US?

/MAX: no. west only. Is this problem?

/XX: no problem, but would require travel on my part, so a time frame would need to be discussed. When can I expect comms?

/MAX: comms?

/XX: Communication —sorry.

/MAX: 1-2 weeks, will know more regards to time frame then.

/XX: Great. TY!

/MAX: anything else?

/XX: If goes well then yes, will want more

/MAX: GREAT! for ritual?

/XX: Yes

/MAX: Limbs easier purchase. lots of limbs. also cerebral and optics.

/XX: ok.

/MAX: may I ask about ritual?

/XX: ceremonies… bonding solstice.

/MAX: may solstice enlighten

/XX: and unto you.

/MAX: 🙂 look for a message, few weeks.

/XX: ok and TY!!!