Amazon is Officially Broken Beyond Repair

Yesterday I told you all about the bribes I was offered to remove negative reviews I wrote. I received two different emails offering me $25 each to remove negative reviews I wrote on Amazon. Like the ethical, responsible person that I am, I messaged Amazon to inform them of what had transpired. Unfortunately, it appears the bots responded to me instead of a human being, because THIS is the email I just got from Amazon.


We appreciate that you took the time to contact us about the review titled “For kids lunches maybe?” for the “Fun Life Bento Lunch Box, 5 Compartment Insulated Leakproof Meal Prep Container Eco-Friendly Reusable for Men,Women,Adults, Kids (purple).”

We read the review and did not find that it qualifies for removal for violating our Community Guidelines (available here: We encourage our customers to give their honest feedback, whether positive or negative, about the products sold on our site. Our Community Guidelines exist to cultivate a space where customers can share their opinions about the products they receive in a way that is relevant and helpful to other customers.

If you want to report violations of customer reviews in future, please click on the “Report abuse” link near the content. If no “Report abuse” link is available, please contact us via E-Mail.

We appreciate your understanding.

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Best regards,
Mhar V.

I…can’t…even with Amazon anymore.