Small Business Community Association

So THIS was in my inbox today:


Are you still involved with Bards And Sages?

Bards And Sages was selected as Best of Business for 2019.

Please confirm and complete your award information:

Award Acceptance Wizard

Once again, congratulations on your success and joining the community and being recognized among other successful small business owners and operators.

The Small Business Community Association is devoted to supporting and recognizing small business owners who make a difference in their friends, family, customers, and communities.

Have a fantastic day!

Amanda Williams – Director

Small Business Community

“Brains, like hearts, go where they are appreciated.” –Robert McNamara, Fmr. American Secretary of Defense


Small Business Community Association 515 E Grant St, Phoenix, AZ 85004 Arizona 85225 United States”

So this is obviously a horrible scam or a hilarious joke (or a hilarious scam? Horrible joke? All of the above. BUT I AM BORED, because I am waiting on this enormous ESO patch to download, so I decide to visit the website for the Award Acceptance Wizard to see how much this “honor” is going to cost me. Because you just KNOW they want money!

So this is the first page of the “Award Wizard” where they essentially admit they just pulled your contact information from some database and obviously have NO IDEA who I actually am!
This is where they try to bait you with an actual PHYSICAL AWARD and want you to confirm your info (that they pulled from a public database).
Here we need to confirm our mailing address to GET OUR AWARD!
And here is where we are supposed to enter our credit card/Paypal info to claim our prize! For the low, low price of only…………………………….

So to summarize:

  1. They bulk grab contact information from some database (possibly even Facebook business pages.

2. Mass spam people telling them they have “won” an award.

3. Try to convince people to pay them almost $100 for a useless plaque from a fake organization whose only purpose is apparently to sell useless plaques.

4. Give you a “membership” to their organization where they will, no doubt, pitch you future opportunities to give them money for NO REAL REASON.

REAL organizations do not issue awards by random lottery.

REAL organizations have entry/nomination requirements and should CLEARLY state what those are.

REAL organizations are not going to ask you to pay for your own prize.

Period. Full stop. End of discussion.

Now I like to think that, for most of you, this is just a good laugh. But there are people out there who hand over their social security numbers to random callers claiming to be from the IRS. There are people who think the sheriff’s dept wants them to pay their fines (that they didn’t know they had) with gift cards. So what I am saying is “PLEASE SHARE THIS” with anyone you think might be vulnerable to a scam like this. Because somewhere in your social circle is a writer or artist or struggling business owner so desperate for recognition that they might actually think this award will help them. I want to laugh, but then I have to step back and remember that not everyone is as savvy as I am or as aware of this stuff.