Call For Artist: Nemesis: Howl at The Moon

We are looking for an artist to create illustrations for a PDF-only supplement. Please make sure to read the entire call notice and follow the instructions if you wish to be considered. We are happy to work with new artists trying to break into the industry, but new artists should pay particular attention to the information listed under the Penalties for Late Deliverables. The biggest problem we have with new artists is an inability to meet deadlines. Missed deadlines result in lost revenue for publishers.

Nemesis: Howl At The Moon is the next supplement in our Nemesis series and the second product in the series designed for the Pathfinder game system. This supplement will feature five lycanthrope NPCs presented at three different levels that can serve as long-term adversaries or one-time villains in fantasy settings. Because this supplement is designed to be easily folded into most fantasy settings, care must be given that the final art conforms to standard expectations and does not veer too far from established norms for the genre.

Project Scope:

Five black and white line illustrations. Each illustration will show the NPC in their humanoid form and their lycanthrope form, with the forms standing next to each other. Humanoid and lycanthrope forms should follow the standard fantasy-setting expectations insofar as presentation. (i.e. A werewolf should look like what the average gamer would expect a fantasy RPG werewolf to look like; not something with cybernetic parts, or a Mohawk hair cut, or huge anime-style eyes).

Character One: Kol Stormfang. Human male ranger. Werewolf. Wears practical leather armor. Wields two scimitars. Territory is mostly forest area. Leads a gang of raiders who threaten travelers near their territory..

Character Two: Raya Deathrage: Half-Orc female barbarian. Werebear. Wears practical leather armor. Wields longspear. From a cold, mountain environment. Has taken command of her tribe and raids nearby areas.

Character Three: Bastlla Blackhammer. Dwarf female fighter. Wereboar. Wears Chain armor. Wields a warhammer. A sociopathic mercenary with no moral compass.

Character Four: Alexi Sylvari. Elf male Bard/Fighter. Wererat. Wears stylish leather armor. Wields a rapier. A flamboyant narcissist terrified someone will discover his affliction.

Character Five: Samuel Swiftpaw. Halfling male rogue/fighter. Weretiger. Wears blackened leather armor. Wields shortsword and hand crossbow. Operates a growing criminal organization involved in all sorts of sordid activities.

File Requirements:

JPG or PNG files at 300 DPI minimum. Images are expected to fill approximately 1/3 of a standard size page (8″ x 11″). Files will be delivered electronically with no restrictions either via Email of Google Drive.

Rights Required:

Non-Exclusive, perpetual rights to use the images in this specific project. All other rights remain with the artist. Bards and Sages Publishing makes no claims of ownership over the final art.


Final art is needed by February 28th.


Negotiable. When querying, please include information about your standard rates.

We will pay 1/3 the negotiated rate upon delivery of initial sketches for approval, and the balance upon delivery of the final, unsecured files.

In addition, we will also offer bonus payment of 20 cents per copy sold during the first 30 days of release if all files are delivered by the deadline. No bonus payment will be paid if files are delivered late, even with cause (see Penalties for Late Deliverables below).

Payments are made via PayPal or Google Wallet.

Penalties for Late Deliverables:

While we recognize that at times situations emerge outside of the artist’s control, we also expect artists to behave professionally and manage their time in such a way that last-minute emergencies should not substantially delay deliverables. This is the greatest obstacle we have working with new artists. We expect the artist to communicate any potential delays before the due date so that we can adjust our schedule accordingly.

Delays with Cause: If the artist notifies us before the deadline that the deliverables will be delayed due to circumstances beyond the artist’s control (such as family emergencies, natural disasters, etc.) We will extend the deadline for one week without a penalty. Note: Getting offered a “higher paying” job with a short deadline is not “delay with cause.” That is breach of contract.

Delays without Cause: If artist fails to notify publisher in advanced of delayed deliverables, a penalty of 20% will be applied against final payment. This penalty will increase to 30% if the deliverables are more than seven days late.

Where to Query:

If you are interested in working on this project and submitting a bid, send an email to with your contact information, rates, and link to your online portfolio/samples of your work.