Stick Figure Book Covers! The Hot Indie Trend!

This is not my fault. I swear...

Some of you may recall my previous attempt at designing my own book cover.  I have on occassion referenced this attempt over at a site called for a variety of purposes (some humorously benign, others for snarkier reasons).  But I seem to have struck a nerve, as my “brilliant” artistic attempts have inspired other indie authors to follow suit and redo their own book covers with stick figures.

If you want to see some of the…unique…cover art, take a look here and see for youself.

All I’m saying is, you have been warned.

One Reply to “Stick Figure Book Covers! The Hot Indie Trend!”

  1. Don’t those Diary of a Wimpy Kid books use stick figures on the cover? Of course my books don’t have people on them so that would be hard to do.