Authors Behaving Badly: Kailin Gow

There is not a whole lot I can add to this conversation except “WOW. Just…WOW”

This article is from The Book Lantern. I’ve talked a lot about unethical author behavior, but frankly this one just wins the prize for the most WTF? moment of 2013.

If you’re a book blogger, the chances are at some point throughout your work you have come across Kailin Gow. According to Goodreads, Gow has written 114 distinctive works since 2010, all of which were published by The Edge Books, part of Sparklesoup LLC, which was founded by Gow in 2001. Gow’s prolific output conveniently keeps up with every major and non-major trend in YA, from paranormal to dystopian to New Adult contemporary romance.

Indeed, these books have synopses that bring about a massive dose of déjà vu in me. For instance, “Bitter Frost”, a fairy based paranormal romance which the blurb claims was read by Malia Obama (Google does not present any evidence of this except for a link which I cannot access but seems to show a Gow press released next to a completely unconnected Malia Obama story), bears a striking resemblance to the Wicked Lovely and Iron Fey series respectively.

I don’t want to cut-and-paste the author’s entire blog post here. You just really need to go read the entire thing for yourself and be prepared to be amazed by…I don’t even know what to think here.