Skyrim Homebrew Campaign!

So tonight I launch a new campaign. Post-Apocalyptic Blues had a long run with an epic conclusion. But it is now time to return to the old-school roots of Dungeons and Dragons by, well, crawling some dungeons and killing some dragons! The players decided that they wanted me to run a Skyrim-themed campaign, and since I am a huge Elder Scrolls fangirl, I am happy to oblige.

 Of course, this brought some unique challenged to the game. To be authentic, I had to stat out the proper races for the world. And it also meant rules for the Thu’um, because you cannot have a RPG set in Skyrim without giving the players the opportunity to Shout their enemies off a cliff (or, for my own amusement, to have the players shouted off a cliff.) Also needed to figure out what to do about the Nine…er…Eight Divines and all of those pesky Daedra. And then there is the matter o 14 pages of PC notes later, the players are all chomping at the bit. The campaign takes place just over five years after the events of the video game. The Civil War is still raging. The original Dragonborn is missing and believed to have died in the battle with Alduin. And the players have been invited by a mysterious man to meet him at the Bannered Mare in Whiterun to discuss a business proposition that will make them all very wealthy. At first, it seems random to the players why this strange man personally requested each of them, but during the campaign they will have a chance to discover that the formation of this group is not so random at all.


Word of your skills has reached my ears, and I wish to hire your services. You are known enough in these lands that I trust you have the abilities necessary to perform the tasks I require, but not so well known that others would consider your movements of importance. The work I offer requires a level of discretion. I have coin to spend and a willingness to do so. Come meet with me. I have included enough Septims to pay your way here and back. And I shall have a room waiting for you at the inn. The meeting will cost you nothing. And when all of our business is completed, you will be a very wealthy man.


With Urgency and Sincerity,



 Character Creation Rules

Rules for the Thu’um

Soul Gems

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