Skyrim: Character Creation

These are from the homebrew rules for my Skyrim-themed campaign. They are intended for use with 3.5/OGL rules. Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls are owned by Bethesda. These rules are for homebrew campaigns only and should not be treated as open game content for purposes of publication.


Part One: Select Your Race

Altmer (High elves)

+2 Racial Bonus to Intelligence


Innate Magic: At first level, an Altmer character can select any first level arcane spell as an innate spell. At 5th level, the Altmer can select a second first level arcane spell as an innate spell. At 9th level, the Altmer can select either two first level arcane spells or one second level arcane spell. At 12th level, the Altmer can select either three first level spells, two second level spells, or one third level spell.  The Altmer’s innate spells does not require verbal or somatic components. Innate spells do not provoke attacks of opportunity when cast. The Altmer uses her total character levels to determine any spell variables. However the Altmer can cast a number of innate spells per day equal to her Wisdom modifier.


Hated: Even among Nords that still support the Empire, the Altmer are universally hated. Altmer suffer a -4 penalty to all charisma-based skill checks when dealing with Nord characters. Imperial and neutral Nord characters always start at “unfriendly” with Altmer. Stormcloak loyalists always start at “hostile.”


+1 Natural Armor


Cold-Blooded: Infravision or Darkvision does not detect Argonian characters. Non-intelligent undead will ignore Argonian characters so long as the character does not actively provoke the undead or draw attention to himself.


Water-breathing: Argonians can breath underwater and do not risk drowning.

Bosmer (Wood elves):

+2 Racial Bonus to Dexterity


Poison and disease resistance: Bosmer gain a +4 racial bonus to Fortitude Saves versus non-magical poison and non-magical disease.


Weapon Focus (short bow) or Weapon Focus (Long bow): Bosmer gain the feat Weapon focus as a bonus feat. They can select either short bows or long bows.


Disliked: Because they aligned with their Altmer cousins during the war, Bosmer are disliked in Nord lands. Bosmer suffer a -4 penalty to all charisma-based skill checks when dealing with Nord characters. Imperial and neutral Nord characters always start at “nuetral” with Bosmer, even if the Bosmer has a good reputation. Stormcloak loyalists always start at “unfriendly.”


Master of the Arcane: Breton spellcasters are treated as two-levels higher for the purpose of determining level-dependent variable affects for spells.


Human: Bretons gain the normal bonuses for a Human character.

Dunmer (Dark elves)

+2 Racial Bonus to Charisma


DR 5/fire


Darkvision 30 ft


Under suspicion: Despite not aligning with the Altmer during the war, the Dunmer suffer from guilt by association. Dunmer suffer a -2 penalty to all charisma-based skill checks when dealing with Nords. Stormcloak loyalists always start at “unfriendly.”


+2 Racial Bonus to Dexterity


Low-light vision


Bonus feat: Improved Unarmed Strike. Khajiit can use their claws to make unarmed attacks without provoking an attack of opportunity. The Khajiit deals 1d4 lethal with a successful claw attack. When using both claws with a full attack action, the Khajiit calculates his number of attacks and attack bonus as if he had the two-weapon fighting feat.


Educated: Select any four skills. These are considered class skills for you regardless of your actual class.


Human: Imperials gain the normal bonuses for a Human character.


DR 10/cold: Nords are completely immune to damage from exposure to cold weather and resist magical cold damage.


Human: Nords gain the normal bonuses for a Human character.


+2 Racial Bonus to Strength


Darkvision 30 ft


Bonus feat: Great Fortitude


Bonus feat: Endurance


Human: Redguard gain the normal bonuses for a Human character.

Part Two: Select Your Sign

Characters in Skyrim are born under specific astrological signs. This sign grants a special bonus to the character. You may only select one sign.


The Warrior: +1 bonus to Strength

The Thief: +1 bonus to Dexterity

The Mage: Caster level treated as 1 higher for purposes of determining spell variables

The Lover: +1 bonus to Charisma

The Apprentice: +1 bonus to Intelligence

The Antronach: +1 bonus to all Saving Throws versus spells or spell-like effects

The Lady: Fast Healing 1

The Lord: DR 1/-

The Ritual: +1 bonus to Wisdom

The Serpent: Ghoul Touch once per day as an innate ability as per a 5th level wizard.

The Shadow: Invisibility once per day as an innate ability as per a 5th level wizard.

The Steed: Equipped armor does not count against your carrying capacity and you suffer no armor check penalties for wearing armor.

The Tower: Knock once per day as an innate ability as per a 5th level wizard.

Part Three: Select Your Faction

Players are allowed to start play as a member of a specific group. The Dawnguard were not an option because they are an “elite” group that is not well known through Skyrim yet.

The Bards’ College in Solitude

Benefit: Bardic Knowledge Perk. This ability works exactly like the Bard ability. If the character is also a Bard, then the character gains a +4 Faction bonus to Bardic Knowledge checks.

The Blades at SkyReachTemple in The Reach

Benefit: Dragonslayer Perk. You gain a +2 insight bonus to attack rolls and Saving throws against dragons and you deal 1d4 additional points of damage to dragons with your melee or ranged attacks. This damage increases as you gain levels, as follows: 5th level (1d6), 9th level (1d10), 12th level (2d8), 15th level (2d10), 18th level, (3d10), 20th level (4d10).


Note: The Blades are still being hunted by the Aldermeri Dominion, and even the Empire has disavowed the Blades. Being a known member of the Blades makes you a target. High elves and Bosmer cannot be members of the Blades.

The Companions in Whiterun

Benefit: Wolf-Blooded Perk. Though you are not yet a member of the Inner Circle, you have been allowed to participate in a bloodletting that grants you some limited benefits. Wolf-Blooded characters gain DR 2/silver and fast healing 1. Fast Healing stacks with the benefits of The Lady. DR bonuses do not stack.

The Dark Brotherhood in Dawnstar

Benefit: Shadowstep Perk. In low-light environments, the character is treated as if he as 10% cover against ranged attacks and gains a +4 bonus to Hide and Move Silently.


The Dark Brotherhood has safe houses throughout Skyrim. You can use these to have a place to rest or hide, though sharing the passphrase with outsiders is forbidden, and allowing outsiders to use the safe houses is frowned upon.

The Greybeards of High Hrothgar

Benefit: Thu’um Perk. You start play with one of the following Shouts:

Fus (Effortless Power): You gain a +2 Spirit bonus to Strength for five rounds.

Feim (Eternal Spirit): You gain Fast Healing 2 for five rounds (stacks with other Fast Healing abilities)

Yol (Inner Fire): Your melee attacks deal 2 points of fire damage in addition to the normal damage for five rounds.


In addition, you gain a +4 Spirit bonus to learn new Shouts.


Note: Members of the Blades and people on both sides of the Civil War think the Greybeards were involved in the disappearance of the Dragonborne and treat the Greybeards with suspicion. Blades will be openly hostile to members of the Greybeards. Those who have suspicions about the Greybeards will start out “unfriendly” if they know your affiliation.

The MageCollege of Winterhold

Benefit: Spellbook Perk. Spellcasting characters begin play with one additional first level spell slot. Whenever your spellcaster gains access to a new spell level, she can select a bonus spell slot for that level. This is in addition to any bonus spells the spellcaster may get for having a high attribute. For example, at first level, a cleric would gain one first level spell at first level, plus on bonus first level spell. At 3rd level, when the cleric gains access to 2nd level spells, he would gain a bonus 2nd level spell slot in addition to any bonus spells for having a high wisdom score.


Note: The Nords are very suspicious of the MagesCollege and many blame the College for what happened to Winterhold in the first place. You suffer a -2 penalty to Diplomacy and Gather Information checks when dealing with Nords.

The Thieves’ Guild of Riften

Benefit: Nocturnal’s Blessing Perk. You gain a +4 bonus to Disable Device, Hide, Move Silently, Open Locks, and Sleight of Hand checks performed at night. Once per day, you can add a d6 to any single class skill check.


The Thieves’ Guild has fences throughout Skyrim who will purchase stolen merchandise and help offload expensive items that regular vendors can’t or won’t buy.

Part Four: Divine Patron

Select either one of the Nine Divines or one of the Daedric Princes as your patron to gain the related Perks.

Follower of the Divine Perk:

If your patron is a member of the Nine Divines, you get the Follower of the Divines Perk. Praying at any Shrine of one of the Divines either restores lost health (as per a Cure Moderate Wounds spell cast by a 10th level cleric) or Removes a disease as per the Cure Disease spell.


Akatosh (Dragon God of Time, Chief Deity of the Divines) Align: LN

Dragon-blooded Perk: Immunity to Fear. +2 Divine bonus to Saving Throws versus Shouts, Dragon breath attacks, and Dragon spells and Dragon spell-like abilities.


Arkay (God of Burials and Funerary Rites) Align: LN

Lightbringer Perk: Immunity to Domination abilities from undead. +2 Divine bonus to Saving Throws versus undead spells and undead spell-like abilities.


Dibella (Goddess of Beauty): Align: CG

Looking Glass Perk: +2 Divine bonus to Saving Throws versus Enchantment spells. Your Charisma is treated as two higher when dealing with the opposite sex.


Julianos (God of Wisdom) Align: N

Divine Knowledge Perk: You gain twice as many bonus skill points for your Intelligence modifier


Kynareth (Goddess of Good Luck, Wind and Rain): Align: CG

Lucky Perk: Once per day, you can reroll any failed Saving throw, attack roll, or skill check. You gain a +2 Divine Bonus to Saving Throws during storms or when on the water (such as on a boat or swimming in a river).


Mara (Goddess of love, hearth, and marriage): Align: NG

Mother’s Touch Perk: You can cast Cure Light Wounds a number of times per day equal to your Wisdom modifier as an innate ability. When using this Perk, you use your total character levels to determine your caster level.


Stendarr (God of Mercy and Justice) Align: LG

Lawbringer Perk: You gain a +2 Divine bonus to Saving Throws and Attack rolls versus bandits, criminals, and similar characters. Whenever you show mercy to a criminal and that mercy results in the criminal changing his ways for the better, you gain 1d4 permanent hit points.


Talos (God of Men) Align: LG

Way of the Voice Perk: You gain a +4 Divine bonus to learn new Shouts. You gain a +4 Divine Bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, and Intimidate checks.


Note: The worship of Talos is currently banned by the Empire. Imperial agents who discover your patron will act accordingly.


Zenithar (God of Trade) Align: LN

Craftsman Perk: You gain a +4 Divine Bonus to any Craft or Profession skill check. When you craft a masterwork item, there is a 10% chance that it is created with a random minor enchantment. If you have Skill Focus in your associated craft, this percentage increase to 15%. This percentage increases by 2% for each Item Creation feat your character has.

Special: Items crafted at the Skyforge have an additional 10% chance to gain a random enchantment.

Follower of Oblivion Perk

If you follow any of the Daedric Princes, you gain the Follower of Oblivion Perk. You learn the innate ability Soul Tap. Soul Tap is a standard action but does not provoke an attack of opportunity. You can use Soul Tap a number of times per day equal to your Charisma modifier. The Will Save against this ability is 10 + your Charisma Modifier + half your hit dice. If the Save fails, and the target dies within five rounds of the ability, part of the target’s soul is stored in a Soul Gem. You can use Soul Gems to temporarily enhance attributes, heal yourself, or beseech the Daedric Princes for blessings.


Azura (Prince of Dawn and Dusk) Align: NG

Moon and Star Perk: Like the Nevarine of Morrowind lore, you bear the mark of the Moon and Star. You are immune to natural and magical disease and gain a +4 Daedric bonus against poison.


Boethiah (Prince of Deceit and Treason, God of the Dunmer): Align: CE

Backstabber Perk: You can make a sneak attack that deals 1d6 as if you were a rogue. If your character already has the sneak attack ability from a class ability, this damage is added to your existing sneak attack damage.


Clavicus Vile (Prince of Power and Wishes) Align: LE

Minor Wish Perk: Once per day, you can make a minor wish for your personal benefit. The wish cannot have a value of more than 100 gold or a duration longer than ten minutes. Nor can it be “stat specific.” You can wish for the strength to dig yourself out of a collapsed tunnel, for example, but you can’t wish for a +4 stat increase. The wish cannot be directed at another person. It must only be focused on you. The more general the wish, the less likely it will be twisted. The more you try to word the wish to avoid it being twisted, the more likely Vile will twist it.


Hermaeus Mora (Prince of Knowledge and Lost Lore) Align: NE

Lore Perk: Once per day, you can meditate on a problem and receive guidance on a potential solution. Essentially, you spend ten minutes meditating and gain a +10 Daedric bonus to a single Knowledge check to glean some important piece of information or otherwise learn some detail you need. When using this perk, you do not need to have ranks in the specific knowledge to gain the bonus, nor does the Knowledge need to be a class skill.


Hircine (The Beast Lord): Align: CE

Beast Form: Once per day, you can take the form of a werewolf for ten rounds. While in this form, you gain a +2 bonus to Strength and Constitution, +4 natural armor bonus, +4 initiative, and are treated as if you have both the Improved Unarmed Strike and Weapon Focus (Claw) feats. Your claws deal 1d6 damage, and you can make two claw attacks per round at your highest attack bonus. In addition, you gain Fast Healing 4 and DR 5/silver.


However, while in Beast form, you cannot gain the benefit of armor (though magical bonuses to armor still apply) and cannot use normal weapons. Silver weapons deal double damage, and Fast Healing does not heal damage from silver weapons. Spellcasters cannot use spells while in this form, nor can you use Shouts. Your claws also make it impossible to perform most fine motor functions (like picking a lock).


Malacath (Prince of Sworn Oaths and Curses, God of the Orcs): Align: LE

Oathbound Perk: When you swear to destroy a specific target of worth, you gain a +4 daedric bonus to all Saving Throws, attack rolls, and skill checks for 24 hours. However, if you fail to destroy the target in that time period, you suffer a -4 penalty after the 24 hour period that lasts until you have fulfilled the oath.


Mehrunes Dagon (Prince of Destruction): Align: CE

Annihilation Perk: By sacrificing some of your own blood, you can maximize the damage of your next attack. You can use this perk a number of times per day equal to your Constitution modifier, but not more than once per combat. Activating this ability is a free action that deals 2d4 points of damage to you (No Save). Your next full attack action, whether it is a normal melee attack, a sneak attack, or a spell, deals maximum damage against the target if it is successful.


Mephala (The Webspinner): Align: NE

Webspinner Perk: Monstrous spiders not only will not attack you, but will come to your aid if called. This ability works like a Summon Monster or Summon Nature’s Ally spell and uses your total character level to determine any variables for the spell. The exact number of spiders and their type and size depends on both what is available in the area and the discretion of the GM.


Meridia (Prince of Life Energies) Align: LG

Turn Undead Perk: Once per day, you can Turn Undead as if you were a cleric of your total character level. If you have the Turn Undead ability as a class ability, you instead treat your level as two higher for purposes of determining the result of Turn Undead checks.


Molag Bal (The Corruptor of Souls): Align: CE

Corruptive Influence Perk: You gain a +4 Daedric bonus to Bluff and Diplomacy checks to convince people to take actions contrary to their normal behavior. Whenever you convince a good-aligned person of importance to perform a selfish or evil act, you gain 1d4 permanent hit points.


Namira (Squalor and Decay, Cannibalism): Align: CE

Cannibalism Perk: Consuming human flesh heals 2d10 hit points of damage or restores 1d2 lost attribute points. If you have not suffered any hit point or attribute damage, you instead gain 2d10 temporary hit points for one hour. This benefit does not stack with other temporary hit points.


Nocturnal (Prince of Thieves): Align: CN

Skeleton Key: Once per day, you can gain a +10 bonus to a single disable device or open locks check.


Peryite (Prince of Pestilence): Align: CE

Comfort in Squallor Perk: You are immune to natural disease. Whenever you sleep in trash or filth, you gain a +2 Daedric bonus to Fortitude Saves for the next day.


Sanguine (Prince of Revelry): Align: CN

Drunken Master Perk: You gain a +2 Daedric bonus to Reflex Saves and Initiative for four rounds after consuming alcohol. If you remain in a constantly drunken state (consuming alcohol at least once an hour for eight or more hours a day) this bonus increases to +4 and you also get a +4 Deflection bonus to AC. These bonuses only apply if you are wearing medium or light armor.


Sithis (Prince of Death and Assassinations): Align: NE

Vampiric Touch Perk: Once per day, when you make either a melee or unarmed attack, you can instantly heal yourself for an amount of damage equal to the amount of damage dealt to a sentient, living target. You must declare that you are using this perk. If this attack also kills the target outright, you gain 1 permanent hit point.


Sheogorath (The Mad God): Align: CN

Two-Faced Coin Perk: Once per day, you can flip a coin to determine whether or not Sheogorath offers aid to you. If the coin comes up heads, Sheogorath grants you a boon (either a +1 bonus to a single attribute, a +1 bonus to saving throws, a +1 bonus to attack rolls, or a +1 bonus to skill checks). If it comes up tails, you get no assistance. Each successive day you activate this perk, the boon increases by +1 (to a maximum of +5). However, the more days in a row you get help from Sheogorath, the more likely he will revoke his favor if the coin comes up tails. After two successful days, if you fail on the third day, you suffer a -1 penalty to all attack rolls and skill checks. After three successful days, if you fail on the fourth day, you suffer a -2 penalty to all attributes. After four successful days, if you fail on the fifth day, you suffer a -4 penalty to all Saving throws and attack rolls. Bonuses or penalties last for 24 hours or until the next time you flip the coin, whichever comes first.


Vaermina (Prince of Dreams and Nightmares): Align: NE

Waking Dream Perk: You can enter a waking dream state. Though you appear to act normally, your mind is still mostly in the dream plane. Entering the Dream is a full round action, but you can remain in this state indefinitely until you decide to leave it (or until you actually go to sleep normally). While in this dream state, you suffer a -4 penalty to Reflex Saves, Spot, Listen, and Search checks, and Initiative, but become immune to mind-influencing spells, fear affects, and illusion effects that allow a Will Save.


Note: Characters who employ this perk often may attract the attention of minions of the Dream realm, for good or ill. There is also a percentage chance (5%) that instead of entering a dream state you enter a nightmare state. Slipping into the nightmare state causes the normal penalty to also apply to all attack rolls and other skill checks. Further, you cannot exist the nightmare state at will. You must make a Will Save (DC 20 + 1 for each day in succession you have used this perk). If successful, you awaken from the waking dream state. If you fail, you slip into a coma for 2d4 hours and awaken exhausted.

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