An Interview with Rose Wynters

About the Book:

The Endurers – Immortal warriors chosen to fight the evil that stalks humanity. Major players in the upcoming Armageddon. Single, and sexy as hell.

Death. Tragedy. Grief. Pain. For Vincent Chavalerio, immortality has brought nothing but pain and misery. Cursed by an ancient demon when he refused to bed her, he’s been tormented in a way no man, immortal or not, should ever have to experience. One night after a horrendous tragedy, he decides to end it all. Left without any other options, Arch, leader of the Endurers, agrees to give him what he wants.

Real estate agent Scarlett Hamilton flees to New Orleans, desperately trying to learn how to live again after the death of her fiance, Niles. One day, she falls in love with a historic mansion and decides to purchase it, not realizing there is already someone living within the walls, and a doorway to Hell right in the backyard.

Attempting to survive the demon stalking her, plus-sized Scarlett soon discovers an erotic passion in the cursed immortal’s arms. Will he move past his grief and indifference enough to recognize what’s right in front of him, before it’s to late?

Interview with Rose Wynters

JD: How would you describe your book? What kind of story are you trying to convey?

RW: Curvaceous Condemnation is book 2 in my series, The Endurers. It’s a series about immortal men that live on the very fringes of society, protecting humanity from demons that have prowled our world from the beginning of time. These Endurers have started to get a bit jaded, believing that they will never have anything more permanent than a one night stand. What they don’t realize is someone greater than us has huge plans for these guys as the world moves closer to Armageddon.


So far, the heroines have been average, plus-sized women. They are not great beauties, they are just regular women that deserve the total package like all women do! That’s a huge message I am trying to pass along with my books. Women don’t have to be drop-dead beauties to deserve love, happiness, and passion. What every woman does deserve is love. These women thought they’d never have it, but once again, something greater than us already had plans for them.


Book 3 is going to completely flip, though. It will be the story of Kim, who is known as a great beauty. She’s got demons from her past that are eating away inside of her, and we’re going to see a lot of secrets that nobody would guess at just by looking at her. Look for book 3 to be released in June 2013.


JD: Where did the idea for the book come from? What was it’s inspiration?

RW: There really wasn’t just one idea or inspiration for the series. It was a combination I suppose. As a reader, I enjoy reading books featuring real women with realistic thoughts, hopes, and dreams. As a writer, I want to give other readers these types of heroines. These books can be fast-paced, which love and romance often is in this day and age! As for the heroines, they’ve had a rough time of it in the singles world, which many singles often do.


JD:  How would you describe the main characters in your book? What is the nature of their relationship?

RW: In Curvaceous Condemnation, there are a whole lot of new faces. Arch is the leader of the Endurers. He will have a role in every book. He calls himself an Endurer, but really nobody is quite sure exactly what he is.


Vincent is an immortal Venetian, and he’s been tormented by Hell. He’s cursed by a demon he met while still mortal. Demons are perfect at destroying every aspect of a person’s life, and he knows this well. By the 1800’s, he begs Arch to just kill him and finish it all. Instead of doing this, Arch puts him in a type of stasis, and he’s not very happy when he wakes up nearly 200 years later just to find out he’s still alive.


Scarlett lost her fiancee to cancer six months before, and she moves to New Orleans in a desperate attempt to learn how to live again. She is drawn to this gorgeous, historic mansion and purchases it on a whim. She doesn’t realize there is a gateway to Hell in the backyard, not to mention the home already has an owner.


Ian is back again as well. He’s a single Endurer, with a great love of women. Poor Ian, he just can’t keep from getting in trouble with the other Endurer’s mates.


In this book, we meet Kim and Peter. They will be the hero and heroine in book 3. Peter is an immortal male with two names. To some he’s known as Peter the Priest, a throwback from his mortal days. To others, he’s known as Peter the Playboy.


JD:  When a reader finishes the book, what is it you hope they will walk away with?

RW: If they are single, I hope they walk away with the realization that everybody deserves a happy, loving relationship. If they are married, I hope they walk away relieved they don’t have to attempt to navigate the world of dating (just kidding). In all seriousness, I just hope the reader finds it to be an interesting, exciting, and romantic read!


JD: Do you have any current projects that you are working on? What can you share aobut any upcoming works?

RW: I have a new series called Territory of the Dead. It is a zombie series geared toward young adult readers, although adults will find it a great horror read as well. There will be some romance in it, but it’s definitely more of a horror/zombies series about an 18 year old checkout girl that tries to survive the zombie apocalypse. While my series The Endurers has a heat level of 5+, Territory of the Dead will have a heat level of 1, possibly 2. Book 1, Phase One: Identify just released this month.


I’ve got book 1 of a new werewolf series being reviewed by publishers now, and a new series of 4 short stories completed. I expect these to be released this year or possibly the beginning of 2014. I’m currently working on Book 3, The Endurers.


JD:  Who are some of your inspirations as a writer? Which other authors do you look to for inspiration and motivation?

I’ve been so busy this year that I haven’t had much chance to read. I haven’t read any books that motivated or inspired me to become a writer myself, although I have enjoyed reading their books tremendously! I enjoy a lot of classics when I get the chance, though. My books are as different from these as night and day lol. I would have to say real-life is the biggest inspiration of all.


JD:  If they made a movie of your book, who would you cast in the lead roles?

For the role of Arch, it would be Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) without a doubt. For Vincent Viggo Mortensen is a pretty close match, although he’s several inches shorter than Vincent. Vincent Perez would be another possibility, but then again he’s shorter as well. For Scarlett, she would probably be someone that’s out there and just hasn’t been discovered yet. Alexander Skarsgard or his brother Bill Skarsgard would be perfect for Ian.


JD:  When not writing, what other hobbies and interests do you have?

I’m a people person, addicted to adventure. I like to travel, camp, and just have fun.


JD: Thanks for stopping by today! 

RW: Thanks for having me on your site! I really enjoyed the fun interview.