Chewy’s Book Review of Risen

I can’t believe I have to say this, but here goes…

If you are going to ask Chewy to review your books, please keep in mind that he is named “Chewy” for a reason. As in, he is what the vet refers to as an “aggressive chewer.” And he has a particular taste for paper. I’ve caught him in the past chewing on notebooks, copy paper, rolls of toilet paper, paper towels…you’d think he doesn’t get enough fiber in his diet.


The point being, if you send him a paperback, he will eat it. Thus, the unfortunate review we have here today of Jan Strnad’s book, Risen.


And once more, as a reminder, I cannot be held responsible for the content of these reviews. This is all the dog’s doing. He wanted to be a book critic, and for some reason I still have not been able to wrap my head around, authors keep sending him stuff to review.


Anyway, here is Chewy’s latest review.


Chewy’s Book Review

I reviewed a print copy of this book.


The first part, the lower right corner, started out pretty good. The texture was pleasing to my mouth and the paper was unrefined enough to retain flavor elements of the original sticks. The binding, which I reached about halfway through, was subtly flavored with animal glue, primarily horse but with a hint of fish. However, I lost interest about halfway through for some reason. Still, I recommend Risen as a late-afternoon snack or to while away a few minutes when nobody’s watching.